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Confessions don't matter once you're caught. Remember, several teammembers stepped forward and said he took performance enhancing drugs and then when it was confirmed, he gets credit for confessing? I don't think so!


steroids or not he did demolish the field for like what 7 years straight? I think it sucks he lied about it but like Vin Diesel said "...inch or a mile, a wins a win..."


The fact that he took performance enhancing drugs and lied about it doesn't really matter to me. The drugs are what got him where he is today and by that I mean LiveStrong. The amount of good things that come from this organization seem to outweigh the negatives IMO. I know, I know it was the cancer that brought about LiveStrong but without the cycling success he would just be another athlete that beat cancer.
Now the real test of his character is what he does with this experience to better himself, his relationships and his impact on society. Like it or not he is a celebrity and what he does is going to find its way into the newspaper, onto your TV, and into your life somehow.
Lance disappointed that you lied but hope that you can continue to turn this negative into a positive.


I was taken in by him. I defended him to my friends.
The confession was/is too little, too late in my book.
That fool deserves everything that's coming to him now.


When he is using advanced technology to perform his sport (the bike), I don't really see the big deal with using advanced technology to improve his body too.

I mean, if every cyclist used the exact same bike, then it really is a test of physical ability, But, it seems to me that his wins could have been more about the quality of his bike than the drugs.


The same thing I said when this whole controversy began: "Who cares?"


I still have my doubts on whether he is confessing to get the weight off his chest or confessing to get back into competition and to save LIVESTRONG. I do not trust a confession unless I get a 100% play by play on how he beat all those tests and what he was using and how. Keep in mind, his teammates were getting popped left and right for tests showing they were cheating and Lance stayed clean. Either he was just that good (and had an entire elaborate network that should invalidate every cyclist for all those years) or he used procedures to get a quick edge when he was really dragging but would not show up on any test because they weren't testing for it.

NCAA athletes have to avoid excess caffeine as it is listed as a performance enhancer but does anyone really test for it? Could be the same for Lance, he chugged a Redbull or something.


@danthonyross: I agree. I am tired of hearing about the Canseco, McGwire, Armstrong, Schwarzenegger, Weiner, etc. scandals.

Tomorrow I plan on waking up, making a living and supporting my family regardless of what Niel Armstrong is doing.


@coondogg97 Neil "supposedly" landed on the moon, Lance is the cyclist. ;)

I hope the Tour De France doesn't get any negative press. I'm amazed they can take 7 wins away and not give it to a 2nd place, or at least something else. No winners of the Tour for 7 years makes me sad.


Oh whatever. It seems like every year someone is stripped of their title or a top competitor is banned for substance abuse meaning it wasn't/isn't just Lance doing it which means his streaks of titles is still very impressive. Coupled with the fact that he apparently managed to get away with it for so long.

People are quick to vilify him for cheating but how many people can say they haven't broken the rules at work? Leaving early, taking office supplies, lying about being sick, cutting job specific corners to appear better, spending time on Woot. I'm not saying he should be held up the way he was but can we just get over it already?


A friend of mine actually initiated a really interested discussion on Facebook the other day, on performance enhancing drugs in sports v music and how they're different (or not so different). I personally don't care about Armstrong's confession too much. It's good for him to own up to his mistakes, but beyond that, it should be done. He lost all his titles, right? That strikes me as a fairly sufficient punishment. Who he is hasn't really changed.

I just don't see the point in holding a grudge. He admitted what he did, lost any acclaim he got as a result of his wrongdoing. Let's (ie society, not this thread) move on.


@coondogg97: Neil Armstrong will most likely continue to be dead tomorrow, so it seems wise that you not plan your day around his activities.

As for Lance Armstrong, it is said he is worth ~100 million, and I hope civil lawsuits see all off that $ awarded to those he defrauded and intimidated. I'd also like some investigation to determine that he didn't misappropriate any of the $ donated to Livestrong charity. I'm not sure what type of power, if any, he had within the charity, but based on his strenuous dishonesty over the past decade or so, I would suspect that if had a chance to steal $ donated for cancer research, he would have.


I was kind of saddened by it to be honest. Such a great athlete (or so one thought).
Even without the drugs he would have been a great athlete, the fact that he thought he had to take drugs, kills me...makes me kind of lose hope on athletes in general.

I'm still confused how he was able to beat every test -- never once showing positive for drugs, yet his teammates (who were losers) said he took drugs (jealousy?) all those years...

Hopefully, this will be yet another deterrent for those that think they can "get away with it"...
I also hope that the Live Strong foundation continues on.


@lumpthar: furiously assigned downvote to for the following reason: having defended lance armstrong.

people who could have ever believed he didn't shoot up are what's most shocking about this situation. i mean really...who in their right mind would ever believe one man could righteously win 7 consecutive 2000 mile bicycle races without doping himself into superhuman status. the fact that many of his teammates admitted to seeing him do it (as well as having done it themselves) should have told you your hero was guilty.

are you by chance @carl669 's buddy that bought entry into the prestigious united states achievement academy yearbook for your child?


I had read that, if they were to give his 2005 title to the closest finisher who didn't use PEDs, it would go to the 23rd place finisher. Just because he's the one in the spotlight doesn't mean everyone else wasn't using them. It's much more a problem with the entire field, so I can't put all the blame on him.


@pinchecat: I agree with your downvote. I also defended Floyd and Tyler. Look where that ended up.
I didn't upvote my own comment, just to remain neutral on this one.

By the same token, if Lance had simply been using cocaine and amphetamines like all of his predecessors, he wouldn't be nearly as despised as he is now.


@lumpthar: i replaced your upvote for you <3


@lumpthar: now somebody downvoted both of us. this is a silly unseen battle that nobody wins....quite like doping in competitive bicycling!


The amount of f's I do not give cannot be measured.


To me, the most interesting part of Armstrong's potential confession is that it looks like he's going to point the finger at officials from the International Cycling Union who may have been involved with covering up positive drug tests and warning athletes of impending tests in violation of WADA's procedures. To me, the involvement in systemic doping by the officials running the international governing body for an Olympic sport is a much bigger deal than the involvement of any athlete.

@rprebel: That gif totally made my day! Thanks.


Meh. PED users get caught way too frequently for me to give a (pick your expletive here).


@neuropsychosocial: that's precisely what I'm interested to hear. Not how contrite he will be, but who else he will blame/bring down with him. The level of doping and cheating in the sport of cycling is atrocious, especially during his heyday. The fact that he was at the forefront of the sport, somewhat responsible for bringing it a wider fanbase (as such large success can do) and lied so blatantly for so long is what I take the most umbrage with. Well, the fact that he worked so hard to take down people that were coming clean for "lying" about his doping is the worst. Then it would be the fact that he stood at the top of the sport, faking how he got there, and pretending that he was not only better than everyone, but better than everyone and also clean. I'm not denying that he is a supremely talented athlete, especially considering he was basically competing against a field of other enhanced folks at the time.