questionsanyone try out the new social alarm clock?


It's called talkoclock, and they have an FAQ


I forgot to add the link for talkoclock in my post, thanks for catching that:


This is a perfect example of how out of touch I am with today's concept of techno-savvy. I cannot imagine wanting a phone call (especially in the morning) from a stranger.


Personally I use Sleep.FM - The Social Alarm Clock. Strangers don't wake me rather friends do. I woke up laughing this morning to this alarm my friends chose for me (Up Your Butt with a Coconut).

Waking up sucks overall I guess these people are trying to make it suck less? Trying being the operative word!


This is a very nifty idea. We'll see how it works. I signed up and have tried to call a couple of people, but no answer so far.