questionswho can help me with a plumbing issue?


Yeah, you probably have a clog further down in the pipes. Since tub is lower than the sink it backs up there first. Plunging probably won't work because it will just push the water up the tub drain. Do you have access to the main line cleanout? You'll probably need to snake the main line which could require a long snake and/or rotor rooter type device.

Edit:To answer your question, it probably doesn't matter which drain you put the draino down since they're going the same place. It has a long way to go, though... Good luck!


My motto is excess is not nearly enough. I'd just go with the plumber. There's just so much Drano can do.


If it were my house I'd try snaking the main line. If I were renting I'd have the plumber come out. You're paying extra in the form of rent to have things like that taken care of so take advantage of it when situations arise.


Thanks. My rent is really freaking cheap and the landlord has not raised it, even though he could, I think partially because I am, for the most part, a good tenant. He WILL send a plumber, but since that can't happen for a few days, we figured it doesn't hurt to try the Drano.


If its a city sewer system call the city to check their side.Thats usually free.If its clear on the city side you should call a plumber or drain service.Those machines can break arms and fingers and cause property damage if you don't know whats what.If its on a septic system you may need the tank pumped.Thats usually a different service


Just sort of a blind guess, that the 15 seconds was something like hot water, and the foul water is due to a clog not very far down but the force of the water and its temperature dissolved some solids that had noplace to go but up. So my first inclination is to get a $2.50 "Zip Stick" from your favorite discount store (Walmart if you don't hate them, Ace, or Target, etc). And when you put that thing down the ways and pull it up, it should present you with a blob of clog that will then save you from using the toxic draino or a plumber. I hope you have good luck with it.


Thanks all. I got two Liquid Plumrs that come with ripstick-like "snakes" to use first. It's a little late to start with it now but I'll let you know how it works out.


since this was posted 5 hours ago, I assume it's too late to say DONT PUT DRANO IN YOUR TUB!!! I took some plumbing courses a few years ago, and it's the profession I plan to get into, so I feel fairly confident in what I'm about to say.

Drano and Liquid Plumber are great because they eat away at the gunk inside the pipes, but the downside is that they can also corrode your pipes. This isn't a huge issue for a sink, since the drano sits in the u-bend pipe, which is easily accessible, and in the rare case that the sink's u-bend needs to be replaced, it can be done easily. However, with a tub, the pipes are hidden under the tub itself, so if they get corroded, you need to remove the entire tub just to access the pipes. One time with a good rinse does not hurt, but don't make a habit of it.

Best of luck!


I second the Zip-it recommendation, as well as another product that really cleaned out my house's old congested pipes. See my first two comments in this thread for more details. (My third comment there may help you if you ever have a stubborn toilet clog - yuck.) Good luck!

BTW, I agree that Drano and its cousins are bad for pipes. Also, if the stuff doesn't work, it's a real hazard for the person plunging, snaking etc. with that stuff sloshing and splashing around.


@abramokids: Just a point of consideration: A lot of houses are off-grade, like mine, which means the plumbing is more or less easily accessible, depending on how much you fear crawling around under the house, where there are spiders. My house is 60 years old, and the tub hangs out in plain access under the house. NOT a good situation, especially in terms of heating efficiency, but it makes life relatively simple for plumbing problems.

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@magic cave: I live in an apartment building. The only thing under me is another apartment.

@Ginawoot Thanks for the advice. As I said, it's on my landlord if something goes wrong; he's the one who gave the ok to use it. I do have two Zip-It like devices that came with the Liquid Plumr, and I've used rip sticks in the past; my (probably unrealistic) hope is that those alone will solve the problem.


Just wanted to spread the message and make sure you, and others reading, were made aware. Getting those pipes replaced can get expensive VERY quickly.

@magic_cave: I had a feeling it was either an APT building or a split family home judging by the presence of a landlord, but that was also a possibility.
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Update: Bought two bottles of Liquid Plumr that came with plastic ripstick-like snakes. They got a lot of hair and gook out of the sink, almost nothing from the tub. Put Liquid Plumr down both.

Washed out sink first. Water mixed with what I think was poop or something else gross came out of bathtub. Let it drain, then flushed bathtub with lots of hot water. Have tested the sink several times, letting it run for several minutes, and now it all seems fine.

So I guess it's fixed.


@abramokids: Congratulations! I hope it was totally magical and fun and amazing and exciting for you and Light and your family and friends.

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