questionswhat's your take on the new k-mart commercial?


You win, K-Mart. You win the internets.

I hope they actually put that on the TV. I laughed.


Evidently, the decisions on K-Mart's marketing strategies are now being made by people who actually shop at K-Mart. This is not the frist recent controversy involving K-Mart advertising:


K Mart what's that, I haven't seen a K Mart in years but the ad is funny.


If anyone is offended by this, I really hope they ship their pants. That'll teach 'em!


A little sophomoric but funny and gets the message across.


@jazzsinger: Holy shipped! That's a story I don't expect to read these days. Most film companies are better set up to handle living creatures humanely.

As for K-Mart commercial itself, it's funny to watch here, but I wouldn't appreciate seeing it on television. I'm unhappy with the continued coarsening of broadcast television.

@bsmith1: Just to clarify, I'm not "offended" by it (scatological references fall way below my standard for offensiveness), I just find it unnecessarily tasteless.


@magic cave: So, the old Grey Poupon commercials were more up to your TV standards?


wow. i've watched it 6 times and it never gets old. best commercial ever imho.


@bsmith1: Keep working on it; sooner or later you'll manage something funny.


Only have the dial-up, can't see the video, but MSNBC actually played this thing this morning and, having Sirius/XM which simulcasts MSNBC, I heard the audio and not only am I not the least bit offended, I would like to nominate it for a Nobel. Brilliant. Yeah. Really.


@rockytrh: It is definitely on TV (at least for the time being)


good...... but not as good as this one


It's pretty funny, but not enough to get me to hike to K-Mart.


No better or worse than the Charmin bears, and I hope whoever came up with that one won a Clio.


I'm definitely not "offended" by it, but it makes me like K-mart even less. There's only 2 K-marts left in the metro here and I didn't even go to the one that was close to us before it closed, so it's doubtful they'll get me to shop there no matter what they do.

But let's just say Target wouldn't stoop to this, and there's a reason for that.


@mistamoose: Lucky you. My nearest Kmart is ~14 miles away through city traffic. A guesstimate for the time to get there is probably 40 min in normal traffic.


I wonder if it is the same ad agency that took a sheet in the pool.


Maybe I'll stop in at Kmart to see if I can find new sheets.


It definitely made me laugh, which I guess is the point in advertising so you share it with others - it worked, good work marketing team for Kmart!


The 12-year-old who apparently still lives within late-40-ish me laughed and laughed at this. The Sofa King ad, too.
Am I ever gonna grow up? LOL (Hope not.)


@ceagee: Don't stop in. I'm certain that you can ship your sheets. Or sheet your ships....


I like it.
Isn't K-mart/Sears shipping all MySimon (or similar) nowadays?
I shop the hellz out of some of that.

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I have a K-Mart in town here but I would not ship my pants anywhere near that place. I am an Amazon Prime member so I can ship my pants for free and much faster than if I ship my pants at K-Mart.

I am pretty sure the Jack in the Box ad agency was in on this. Those guys are brilliant.