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I only have a couple. But, I figure that's all I really need. They keep me going good times and bad.


I had a "best friend breakup" a couple weeks ago. It's been pretty rough because every time something happens in my life now, I want to run and tell him all about it. Then I remember that we aren't friends anymore and get all sad. ;_;

After him, I can think of 2, maybe 3 friends that I would consider the "help me hide the bodies" type of friends. One can never trust just anyone when it comes to hiding bodies.


@purplefeather said: "...because every time something happens in my life now, I want to run and tell him all about it."

I can empathize with you. Each of my friends has a different place in my life. We talk about, and do, different things. The one who died I had known since 1962. We were both into computers old movies and several other things. If one of us read or found something that we felt the other one would like we would be on the phone telling the other one about it.

Now when I see things that I know I would have talked about with him I get kind of lonely for him because we can't discuss it. In fact I'm tearing up a bit as I type this because it's making me think about our long friendship and him being gone.


Outside of family, I have one friend that would be considered a "help me hide the bodies" kind, but we haven't been in contact much in the last 10 years or so. Kudos to @purplefeather for that analogy.


I have one friend I would trust with my life. As in, to put my survival above even his own. I have four additional friends that I trust to care for my beloved pets and home when I am away. I have about ten more friends that I can rely on in the event of an emergency or for good companionship. I am a wealthy woman, rich in all the things that matter most.