questionsin what sports do you participate?


I play basketball; it was what I grew up playing always enjoyed it. Injuries that I have sustained are spraines in both knees and ankles, as well as some broken fingers.


I swam competitively for a number of years.

Now I just get fatter every year.


I like to run, but it's taking its toll on my knees. I've fallen a couple of times and scuffed up my knees and knuckles.


Underwater Sports... Better exercise, not as boring as laps with out the impact damage of on-land sports...
Used to play baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, football, skiing and scuba diving...


Baseball, football, basketball, hockey... wait. I just reread the question. I'm sorry I thought you asked what sports we watch.

My answer to your real question is... :-)


I currently only play Ultimate Frisbee. I like the game. I like that players of all skill levels can play together. I like that the rules are such that it keeps things fair and, mostly, safe.

That said, I've had my share of turned ankles, pulled muscles, sprained joints and I know it contributed to buggering up my knees to the point where I had to have surgery a few years ago (but that was really more just being really active and aggravating an existing condition). I've also had some bruises from running into people and a nasty rash from sliding into something I was allergic to which was growing in the field where we play. But, a lot of all of that is due to playing with kids half my age (or younger) and often playing pretty hard. I could definitely keep my risk of injuries lower if I slowed down a little bit, but what's the fun in that? :)


My only sport now is playing H-O-R-S-E with my 15 year-old daughter. I can hold my own, but I usually get my a$$ kicked in the end.