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This reminds me of a couple other products.

1. Razors for her. What's the difference?!?!? Just that it comes in pink?

2. Deodorant or antiperspirant for her. Is it only a difference in fragrance or is there a chemical difference where women need more or less of that chemical?


women do statistically have smaller hands and feet than men. No point in hating on them for trying to market themselves to more people.


@cengland0: There is a difference in a lot of mens vs women's razors. Mostly to do with the angle of the blades, because there's a larger shaving area for women, presuming they're working on their legs. Also something to do with the thickness of the hairs.


The reviewers in the UK seem much more descriptive and eloquent than we "LOL! Awesome sauce! This rocks!" Americans.

The reviews on these cables were pretty odd/funny too

While you're at it, find the reviews on a 3 Wolf Mountain something-or-other shirt.

"We live underground. We speak with our hands. We wear the earplugs all our lives..."


Weird, I thought this was the same as the Regretsy one from yesterday, but it's a different product.

@lavikinga:It's Three Wolf Moon.


@mrmucox: seriously, some people not know what Three Wolf Moon was right away. That shirt is a religious experience.


@cengland0: "Strong enough for a man, pH balanced for a woman!"

Its all in the pH!


@cengland0: Razors: Since women don't shave daily like men do, the hair is longer and so the razors have "guide bars" that straighten the hair to make it easier to cut. Also, since the hair is not as coarse, and since the angles women must shave at makes nicks more of a risk, the blades are mounted at a less aggressive angle.

Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant: When sprays were the most popular medium for these products, it made a difference because shaving made a woman's underarms sensitive to stinging. I don't think the same thing is true regarding the sticks that most people use today, though. However, if you're spending big bucks on perfumes and colognes, it doesn't make sense to use a deodorant with an incompatible scent. (Granted, I dont use deodorant OR anti-perspirant. If you use an anti-bacterial soap, the bacteria that cause body odor should never be able to reach critical mass. And before you ask, my wife has a VERY sensitive nose and would know if I stink.)


@mrmucox: Yeah! That's the one. I can see myself wasting hours wandering around the Amazon Review Jungle reading these silly things.

@quadconpana: some women do shave daily. The ones who live in shorts and bathing suits daily and can't afford to have the hairs ripped out by professionals.

One of my daughters discovered that a 99 cent can of Barbasol does the exact same job as the horribly overpriced shave creams do "for women." She's right. Of course, now we kinda smell like her granddads.


@kamikazeken: I think the issue is that they hit almost every stereotype by making them smaller, making it in pastel colors with glitter, and then marketing it directly at women instead of generically for people with smaller hands.
I'm sure there are guys out there that would be interested in a pen that was thinner, just like there are women that think these are too thin, but instead Bic decided this was only for women and made them pink and glittery.
It also sort of sends the message, hopefully unintentionally, that the normal pens were/are only for men and that Bic has come to rescue women from a world were writing was a struggle because of massive man pens. Try gifting a women a set of these and that Barbie that says "Math is hard." and see how it goes over.


I'll be filing this one under Not a Big Deal. I guess I'm more worried about stereotypes that don't involve having physically smaller hands and liking pastel colors.

Pretty sure that schoolgirls are going to wants these more than their mothers, anyway.


The most EPIC reviews ever on Amazon are for this $45 gallon of milk. I swear if you don't fall out of your chair laughing at these, there is something wrong with you:


@apocello42: sorry, but if you grab 100 women and 100 men, put out black/blue pens, and pastel glittery ones, I guarantee you that the women will predominantly select the glittery ones, and the men will pick the plain ones that are black/blue/white.

I think you and all the people giving BIC crap are just looking for controversy where there was absolutely no ill intent.m In fact, I suspect there was a fair amount of market research and focus groups with women that led them to release this product. Most of the time, there is a bit of truth behind stereotypes. Not always, but most of the time... Are you trying to say that you DON'T think most women would select the pastel/glittery pen? I just asked my wife and two daughters about it this morning, and all 3 selected the glittery ones with a smile on their face, even my tomboyish daughter who has a black belt in taekwondo and likes legos, guns, and cars.

If you're the sort of person looking for controversy, you'll see it everywhere....


BIC made a pen "for her ball".

"Eats, shoots and leaves".


I don't see the big deal myself. Seems like someone took it the wrong way and the "crowd mentality" kicked in.


I honestly don't think this some organized attempt to protest a company (that's getting into paranoid conspiracy theory territory) but just a trend of sarcastic humorous reviews of the pens mostly because they are ridiculously silly. Like they say "For Her" on them which reminds me of feminine hygiene products, and why Bic decided to market it as the "For Her" instead of something like glittery pink and purple?


@baronz: The customer photos for it are pretty awesome.


Great. Now I'm getting ads for BIC for Ladies.


@thumperchick: I don't see any customer photos. I wonder if they were deleted.