questionswhere do i get a new laptop power adapter?

vote-for4vote-against,,, search the charger model number on, so many easy options!


e-bay has always been the best shot for me


I get most of my laptop adatpters from Meritline.Tthe prices are right but shipping can be slow, especially if it is an emergency. The last Dell laptop I put a new "universal" power supply on did not like an adapter that did not have a specific voltage setting. At boot-up there would be a warning message about the power adapter but everything ran fine. A different adapter set to the specific voltage the laptop wanted eliminated the warnings, so you might want to look for an adapter with a voltage switch. Of course, if you go to Dell, you'll get something that is pretty much guaranteed to work.


husband got one at amazon last week. got wrong one first, they sent another within a day. they paid postage both ways on the wrong one and had his credit issued within two days. it was 8bucks at amazon whereas it was 150 at the local radioshack.


@danpalm: Wow! You nailed this one, and only $3.50! Way to go!


@danpalm: I think I love you!!! Thanks so very much~I bought 2 of them since I seem to go thru then very quickly.