questionswhat are you afraid of?


Spiders and house centipedes, I wish they would kill each other off.


Many fear change. I fear a lack of change. That's it. Spiders, heights, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, clowns...I have no problem with anything like that. The status quo is what scares me.

Human nature, "the evil that men do" and all that. I guess that makes two things.


clowns. Sucks that I work for a circus.


Dementors... which is very wise because what I fear, is fear itself.


I fear my oldest son will piss off a school bully and i'll have to impersonate him while leading the bully and his gang on a wild goose chase on hoverboards, when mine fails in the middle of the one pond in the whole town.


Hey @woothulhu, you bojo! Those boards don't work on water!

...unless you've got POWER!


Snakes & spiders. Fear & loathe them. Poisonous or not; they all can/will bite.


SPIDERS. I don't even want to see them on TV. Snakes don't bother me at all, but spiders give me the freakin' heebee-geebees!!


@woothulhu @rprebel Awesome. Im currently watching BTTF Part II and I read your comments right after that scene!


I've got an irrational fear of electric staplers. I KNOW my finger won't fit into the slot. Doesn't seem to matter. It's mostly the noise...just...eeeehhhh...

I think it stems from a story my Mom used to tell about her time working as an occupational therapist at the state mental hospital. There was a guy there, probably early teens, who was all kinds of messed up. One day he walked over to a (manual) stapler, put a staple into his thumb, pulled it out, looked at it and said, "ow". I don't know why that story weirds me out, but it does. Just...eeeeehhhhhh....

So, yeah, me and electric staplers.


Carnies. They have small hands and smell like cabbage...


The dark. Bad stuff happens in the dark.


Failure. I try to fail a lot to get over the fear...but nope...


@thumperchick: Agreed!

When I am at home, most of my lights are on. Drives my husband nuts.


Snakes! Oh, I can pet the ones they bring around for demonstrations, but the thought of coming across one in the yard.... ARGH!!! We were cleaning out our carport many years ago and when I leaned over to pick up a box, there was a huge snake behind it. I remained in position and heard myself scream, "There's a snake! There's a g*ddam snake!" DH yelled, "Well RUN!!" I just stood there, leaning over the snake and responded, "RUN!" He finally had to yank me away. Argh!!!!

The only good snake is a dead snake!