questionswhat is your favorite strategy game?


I always enjoy the classic game of chess or checkers.


Do I have to pick a favorite? So many good games out there, many that most people have never even heard of. In no particular order,

Puerto Rico
Stone Age
Small World
Settlers of Catan

If you've never checked out, prepare to be amazed:


I've always been a big fan of Stratego.


Good game of RISK is always fun


League of Legends or Starcraft 2 (for PC)
Risk and Stratego, or Warhammer 40k and Heroclix (Board / Table)



Strat-O-Matic (it NEVER gets enough love!!!!)


Risk, Stratego, or Axis and Allies (if you have lots of time)


Avalon Hill's Advanced Civilization is my favorite, but you need 7 or 8 players and 10 hours or so to play it, so I am only able to get a group together every couple of years. Settlers of Catan, especially Knights and Cities of Catan, is a sort of mini-Civ with some unique elements. We also play a lot of Mayfair crayon rail games, with Iron Dragon being the favorite. But we also enjoy Lunar Rails, Mars Rails, Eurorails, and Empire Builder a lot. The smaller boards don't get too much play as we usually have 6 players. We have a leftover turkey/board game party scheduled for Friday afternoon and evening and I expect Iron Dragon and maybe Knights and Cities or Spacefarers of Catan will be on the schedule. Along with Zombie Fluxx, Chthulu Fluxx and maybe some of the assorted Munchkins.


Starcraft 2, hands down. I love strategy games and Starcraft 2 is definitely the leader of the pack.


I was always a big fan of the original C&C series (as well as the "Red Alert" variation of the same). When I heard people suddenly starting to talk about "counterstrike" I thought they meant the C&C expansion, and was very disappointed to realize they were actually referring to a FPS.

The "Total Annihilation" series was pretty good, too - especially Kingdoms. Kingdoms made warcraft 2 look uninspired and low-def.


Axis and Allies was always my favorite. Could never find anyone willing to play with me though.


I'll chime in and say that my favorite is Carassonne


I'll go a bit out there and say Shogun (currently marketed as Ikusa) (Feudal Japan era Risk style game)
I would agree that Carcassonne is incredibly fun (and has 6 new mini-expansions releasing soon!)
There are many fun ones out there, and recently I found that Tsuro while looking simple, can be a very strategic game that only takes 30 minutes or so to play.


I was about to ask this question with a what board game would be you suggest for my pre teen nieces spin. We play Ticket To Ride occasionally, I don't think they're ready for Catan yet, but I'd like to get them something interesting for Christmas.


If you're looking for true strategy, may I suggest Diplomacy? No dice, no chance (beyond determining which of the 7 WWI powers you play) and nothing but, as the name suggests, classic diplomacy. You can't win by just operating as a recluse, ignoring the rest of the board. From the start you have to work with others to plan out attacks, supporting actions, and defensive maneuvers. An excellent game. Expect to be occupied with it through the night, though.


Monopoly... It's a strategy game, right?


Risk: Legacy. Buy it now.


Poker? Probably not. Lots of luck involved before strategy can take place.

Monopoly? Maybe. There's a little too much luck involved. There is lots of strategy involved, though.

RISK? Definitely. I am the worst playing RISK. My wife loves playing me because she always wins.

Chess? Definitely. No luck involved. All your mistakes are your own.

Anyway, Chess and RISK are my favorites.


@pholvey: That's one of the reasons why I like Civilization. The only randomizers are the disaster cards that cards that crop up when commodities are drawn. And if you are playing with a full player complement, by halfway through the game all the calamities will happen over the course of every two turns, and you can strategically exercise some control over who gets them, so there's really practically nothing random in Civ, which is why I like it so well. I also prefer the balancing mechanism in Civ, where the weakest players get a helping hand via the calamities, over the leveling mechanism in Catan, where the strongest players are constantly beat on by the robber. I dislike any game that has a built in mechanism to punish whichever player is being the most successful. In Catan the most successful strategy is to stay in second place till the last minute, and that rubs my highly competitive nature the wrong way.