questionswhich is better - roku or wd tv live?


Also, reading a recent post about media streaming it seems that I could utilize my PS3 to stream media? Would this work to read various file types? If so, I just need to figure out how to set up a media server :D


What I would do is install Plex Media Server (free) on your PC. And this will share it with the PS3 - it just shows up under Video with no effort. It will also make it readable from a Roku with the Plex channel installed on it. If you set up your router correctly and your myPlex account, you can use the Roku away from home to access your home media from anywhere with high-speed Internet.

It's really easy to set up. You just tell it what folders have your videos and which folders have your Music (each one is a separate "Library"). I use a separate library for Movies, TV Shows, TV Recordings (from my HTPC), and Music but you could go as simple as a single library for video.

If your files are named well, Plex will even grab artwork and plot descriptions for your videos from online sources.

I do love the Roku. We have two at home and I use the Roku mostly to watch recorded TV in other rooms.


@omnichad: So all I need to do is install that server and I should be good to go?
Will it be able to handle all file types or only .avi? The issue I am having is that a lot of my files cannot be read by my tv. It can only handle .avi, whereas I have a variety of filetypes on my HDD. I like the ability to take my Roku with me so that I can access my server from anywhere... but does that mean that I would need to keep my home computer on at all times (when I travel) in order to gain access to those files? Sorry for the countless questions... I am new to this stuff.


@hirshy: If you are accessing from your home comp then you need it on. My thought is cloud storage for the things you need to access remotely.


WD handles more file types for my piracy collection than my ps3. WD had a problem directly connecting a portable hard drive larger than 2TB. Roku had a faster and easier menu for Netflix streaming.


@hirshy: Im a big fan of Plex. Yes, once you install and configure Plex, it should be able to stream to anything that can run the Plex client (Roku, smartphones, all three generations of Apple TV, Google TV, etc) as well as DLNA compliant devices (PS3, Xbox 360, WDTV, etc). It works by allowing direct play for file types the device supports, and transcoding on the fly for files that the device doesnt work with. If you have a decent computer that meets the minimum spec requirements, you should be good to go. If you REALLY like it, I would suggest buying or building a home server specifically for Plex, as you will get better performance from it and it will be easier to take advantage of features like remote play.



So if I didn't really care about remote access, the easiest way to set this up would be get Plex on my desktop so that my media could be streamed to my PS3 or to my TV through Roku? Does WD TV also have a Plex app?