questionswhat is the best type of miter saw to buy for…


Depends if you will be using it for one project, or if you are expecting to use it regularly over several years.

If it's this project only, go with something from Craigslist or a pawn shop. While the angles may not be 'accurate' going by the built-in gauge, if you verify the angle when you set it, you should be OK.

If you want a keeper, I'd suggest a sliding compound miter saw from one of the 'better' manufacturers. Mine is a Ryobi, and I've been very pleased with it.


You can cut crown moulding with any compound miter saw. Just be sure your angles are accurate. I purchased a task force from lowes and it has done a really good job over the years, but the lasting durability isn't what youd get on a dewalt or a steel city


I would check out the reviews at There's some good info there, helped me immensely when I bought my mitre.