questionsany opinions on the topsy turvy?


My friend tried one for the first time a couple of weeks ago and his plant rotted and fell out this week. Don't know what he did wrong, but his thumb is greener than mine so it bodes ill for me giving it a try.


I garden the usual way, with the plants planted upright. Seems to have worked fine for millions of years, so I'll stick with what works.


This has worked well for my daughter, who lives in Florida. She actually creates her own "topsy turvy" using a 5 gallon plastic bucket. I did some research on this a while back. Where I live we have very high summer temperatures (110+) and low humidity. Even if kept moist, the soil gets too hot. So I think it depends somewhat on where you live and the weather conditions for your area.


@narfcake: Couldn't have said it better. I think it was a fad.


My sister's family and my Dad have both used them. Dad used them specifically the year that they were in a rental house and he couldn't have a "real" garden. He grew tomatoes and a few other vegetables. He was glad to be able to grow something that year (he grew up on a farm and has always enjoyed planting a vegetable garden).

My sister and her family did tomatoes and strawberries off their back deck. The tomatoes did better than the strawberries, but that could have been because between the squirrels and the kids, the berries all got eaten before they made it inside. :)


My mother uses them. She planted tomatoes in the ground for years and they were great. Then she started using those things. Same great tomatoes, but they produce three times as many. She has everything else in ground, but her regular tomatoes are in the Topsy Turvy things.



Yeah, those pesky kids... you can shoot the squirels, but not so much the kids... ;)


I got two of the topsy-turvy planters in a BoC last year and I've considered using them here as I don't have any space for a garden that is not also used by people walking their dogs (even if I were to put up a fence of some kind, there would still be the loss due to theft).


My friend loves them, but he had been having trouble with nematodes, when growing them in ground. He said it solved that problem. My dad always planted in a kiddie pool, to avoid the same problem.