questionsdid you notice the lone pullover hoodie on sale…


Thanks for pointing it out. If I didn't just get my 'Rake Break' hoodie in from the Fall Into Fashion sale a couple weeks ago, I'd probably jump on it. It's a cool design, but I already have too many hoodies (and just bought a Say No to Scurvy one the other day too) :)


@meh3884: At first I felt sorta dumb because I was like "Well, they'll see it in the WootPlus drop-down for Shirt.woot. And Then when I hovered, I realized it didn't show up as a WootPlus. I'd get it, but I'm hoping for some lighter colored hoodies soon. I jumped on the Error - Cuteness Overflow even though I'm not the biggest fan of green. I've got 2 cats and a dog and the fur shows up on the dark colors like nobody's business, haha. I almost got the Say No To Scurvy, but I had just purchased the Error zipup the night before. I still have a jumbowoot coupon, so I'm hoping for some lighter colors so I can use it up. :)