questionsthe "join date" is still shown as today's dateā€¦


And yeah, I read this :D

Usually the tech side is Johnny Onthespot for problems like this, so I thought it might be worth mentioning incase they haven't seen it too..

And lemme just reiterate; ONLY asking this because it's been around for about a week now, so you don't have to beat my question up to make a point :)


It happens...

Sorry, but I don't see a reason for another question about it.


@falcondeal: Was there a question regarding this already? The only reason I even posted it is because I'd figured it was something they didn't notice.

I checked. Couldn't find one. Mind linking?

[ed] (my point is, I agree. I just couldn't find this when I looked. I'll have 'em delete it if I can find a link to "dupe" it)


@falcondeal: and FYI I already tattled as a duplicate, just couldn't find the original.


@drchops: The one you linked is a great one. I don't remember seeing a question specifically to the problem you stated. But I'm sure you have seen the numerous about most users having a join date of today, staff badges missing, number of woots or quality posts being off, etc.

I don't want you to take the down vote personal... just I'm sure you can understand, I get tired of seeing these minor problems posted.


@falcondeal: Nope, wouldn't have tattled it if I took it personally.

The only reason I even posted this in the first place is because I figured it was something that went un-noticed.
Usually when there's a small bug like that, it's taken care of within minutes/hours. I don't think I've ever seen one persist for a week~(ish)..

But apparently not only has it been noticed, it's been noticed to the point that people are sick of noticing it :).

But hopefully soon, this question will have been deleted and we'll never have to hear from it again.


@falcondeal: I tattled to have it deleted, and they've changed the tags since then, so I don't know.

[ed] Up to -8 downvotes ha.. didn't even notice that. Looks like 1 person is on my team though.


@drchops: Downvotes are stupid, and out of control Idiot questions get voted up, and genuine cries for help, of the kind that @hobbit used to patiently answer, get slammed with downvotes, instantly.

I do NOT think your question should be deleted, and it concerns me that it's been on ongoing and severe problem for two or three weeks now. Sure, it sucks that people keep asking the same question, but they wouldn't have to ask it if it wasn't broken. For the record, I voted this question up.

Rather than just casting the question into the vast soup of IRC that AtC has become, let's see if we can at least get commentary from the folks most likely to be aware of the problem (and I'm SURE, if we've noticed it, they've noticed it more).

@shawnmiller @josefresno @mattschuette @dave bug @jumbowoot

There. That ought to do something.


In addition, although the problem may seem "minor" it is representative of larger issues. Nothing is ever isolated. One of the ways we can tell a white triangle that's just joined today from a white triangle that has just not participated on Deals before is by quickly looking at the join date.

Gah. I'm not even sure why I'm bothering with trying to explain this, and I'm interested to note that questions seem to be losing influence on reputation (not enough, but some). Sadly, I think it is too late. I no longer bother reading 90% of AtC. It's become rather like Usenet, after the September That Never Ended.

So it goes.


@shrdlu: It's appreciated :).

Obviously I agree, which is why I posted this in the first place despite the fact I knew it'd get at least a handful of "automatic downvotes."

And just for the record, I looked pretty well; still never found a question regarding this.. and I didn't ever actually see where this was discussed in that link I posted.. @falcondeal seemed pretty confident it was a repeat.. I just figured that if so many other people had heard enough about the subject that it warranted that kind of response, then I didn't really need to look into it any more.

I found similar questions from awhile back.. but nothing regarding this pretty specific, long-running issue.

But I digress :); the whole point was just to let staff know on the chance they didn't (not get a popular question). So hopefully that was accomplished with your string of alerts heh


@shrdlu: It would appear they fixed it during the maintenance period..
Problem solved!


@drchops: Ummmm...according to the hover feature, on this question you joined today...


@jsimsace: Surely you've looked at the leaderboard, lately, and realized that there are no voters in the top voters (for example), and that there are other issues.

No, it isn't fixed. I've just given up, myself.