questionshas anyone used kgb deals or buywithme?


buywithme reportedly going through a funding crisis, laid off half its workforce:

I mentioned elsewhere that I've yet to buy vouchers personally, but there is not much in my mind that differentiates them or establishes much consumer risk. Their only interaction with users is to email a coupon code or generate a refund. I'm thinking both platform and retailer would have to go out at once for consumer to lose (otherwise one or the other will honor or refund)


I used buywithme when they had a deal similar to KGB's Fandango offer. Didn't have any problems, but then again I've only used them once and all they had to do was send me a redemption code.


@snapster: Thanks for the link. I didn't find that one in my search. I realize that there is minimal chance of loss to the consumer (especially as I use a credit card with $0 liability for everything) from sites such as these. I just didn't want the annoyance, should something go wrong with the transaction (it took several articles saying that Amazon had invested in Living Social for me to purchase from them).

@staceroo: Thanks. That is good to hear.


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