questionswhat deals.woot coupon qualifiers would you likeā€¦


@morriea: None of us are worthy, but let's do it anyway. I'm sure you've got an idea or two.

Expiring your own deals. I don't know how many wooters that would be in a typical month, but if it's too many then it could be limited to those who expired 5+, or whatever it would take to get it to a manageable number. It could also be tiered. $5 for expiring one, $10 for 5, $20 for 10.

Great question!


Woot-site polls voted on daily.


@rprebel: I really like that idea. It would be nice to have a streamlined, easy to navigate deals area. Until recently, I just assumed the regulars policed themselves...sadly, many do not.


@jumbowoot! has a plan and it works fine the way it is.


@rprebel: i would like a clarification: are you talking expiring your own deals or tattling on all deals to get the coupons? some police their own deals by not posting a lot of random stuff, whereas others just post everything they can find so they hope for more/better results.

ok. how about a coupon for starting a question that got more than ### of comments? or how about a coupon for being a helpful wooter and pointing others to where they need to go to find info/products? or how about a coupon for having the spent a certain number of hours on deals every day?


I would like to see local.woot shown some love from time to time. Not many active members over there and would like to see some more traffic....that might help.


@moosezilla: I'm talking about expiring our own deals. Tattling wouldn't be a factor. Tattling is another good idea for a "qualifier" though.


@raider9924: It blocks many users with no local deals. The only thing "local" to me is...well nothing.


I'm just glad that I get a coupon. I don't come here for them so that's considered an extra bonus. If we knew in advance what you needed to do to get one, then people might just do that minimum for the sole purpose of getting that coupon code.


@rprebel: Tattling was the criterion for a coupon a few months ago. I don't remember if it was more specific than that, or just "you tattled on a deal this month."