questionsdid you know a woot shirt (hoodie) is going to be…


@okham: ha - l thught about that after I posted my answer. I even had a response typed but clicked away from the box and lost it so then I gave up and figured @neuropsychosocial or someone more knowledable than I would come along with a better answer than I had anyway. Thanks neuro! I just got into the hoodie game this month, so I don't really know the history.


I do like this guy, Wil Wheaton.


I have the woot! t-shirt with that design.


Since the company I work for produces a TON of revenue from these commercials I would be watching anyway. But now.. Wil? Awesome!


Oh cool!

@tgentry, @joelterrific: maybe woot might want to Woot Plus "How We Roll" in conjunction with the Super Bowl?

@coondogg97, @okham: The zip-up hoodies are Gildan 18600, made in Honduras (and have been since Day 1: the pullover and zip-up hoodies were never made-in-the-U.S.).

Now... who's Will Wheaton? (I googled, but there's a lot of information out there; what's the one sentence version?)


@mkdr: I was more referring to the hoodie :)


Wonder what blank its on........


It's even cooler because he designed his hoodie. It's pretty much like he's masturbating all over the super bowl.


@okham: according to his blog, his part at least was filmed at Vasquez Rocks.


Excellent. I wonder where it was made....


Wow...that's really cool! I'll be watching for it.