questionsdo you always buy the "collector's editions…


Personally, I don't have any interest in buying any collector's/special/super/mega/ultra/elite edition. When I buy a video game I do so with the intent of playing it, not admiring the box graphics, trinkets/keepsakes that it might come with.


Not really. Usually, I preorder my games at Gamestop so they usually have some kinda perk for the preorder. Like right now, I preordered Assassin's Creed: Revelations and they bumped me up from just the regular version to the collector's edition which has new missions and all that cool stuff.


I bought a golden cartridge of Ocarina of Time back in the day.
It was used. I didn't understand what it was. I just bought it, and later I sold it.

Then I found out what I'd had.

I'll never forgive myself. So now I feel like buying any other game's special edition is like unto adultery. How could I do that to OoT?


Bought it once and was severely disappointed. I bought the collectors edition of Dead Space 2 for the replica gun... it was the size of my wallet. But it came with another game Dead Space Extraction which is selling for $15 on its own. Still doesn't make up for the $ i shelled out for it. Won't be making that mistake again.



I might if it happened to be the one on sale, but otherwise I never actually seek out special editions. Who cares about that, just marketing ploys.


I do, but only if it's a good bundle at a decent price.

I will be picking up the Epic edition of Gears 3. It's my favorite franchise and the Marcus figure looks amazing. I also have the collector's edition of Gears 2 with the metal case, art book, and DLC.
The Alan Wake set was a very nice set too. It also included a few DLC's and a book.
I also have the MW2 Prestige edition. The night vision goggles work and are fun to play with.


I got the Collector's Edition of Gears of War 1 a few years ago, because it was actually selling for a lower price than a used copy of the regular edition at Microcenter....I never really understood that, but I'm not complaining =)

If it's not a better price, I'm probably not getting it. The art books aren't worth it, the "making of" DVDs aren't worth it....I think it's cool they make 'em for the real hard-core collectors or whatever, but that's not me. I just want the game.

Ummm....just realized the last post to this was 23 days ago...but I already wrote all this, so I'mma go ahead and post...:-P


well seeing that the American release of Kingdoms of Amalur CE is now reselling for close to $1200 (yes over one-thousand dollars US) buying the collector's edition of mostly anything would be worth the initial investment eventually, however that eventuality fluctuates greatly, and is not just limited to collectors editions; point of reference, an original (not greatest hits) mint condition copy of FF VII now sells for close to $150 BUT has almost been out for 10 years (maybe more, yeah im sure its been longer) wereas any most of the Halo Series will net at least $100-$120, and even more for the collector's edition. My guess, these Giants are no longer in production for hard copies, and scarcity is increasing, sooo with that being said, it may pay off to buy an extra copy of a best selling game and sit on it for awhile. And remember Collectors are Rabid about rare things sooo you may be sitting on the next mortgage payment...