questionswhat have you bought in the woot off? what areā€¦


I want another Roku. A 2nd gen one that has reliable wifi.


@narfcake: I've got a new house, so I'd actually love to see Leakfrogs!

I bought the Bayou Dirt. I'm not holding out for anything special other than a BoC, just keeping an eye on woot, home, and kids.

Oh, I am hoping for monkeys, need to check to see if I missed them.


Honestly, I'm broke this week, so I'm just hoping to find a handful of cheap things to buy so I can finally change my square from brown to green. :)

I did splurge and get some tasty toffee though, so that might spoil my plans...


@phoenixgirrl: Woo, congrats!

I had one go off the other evening. Replaced a toilet valve/riser with those dual-flush kits, and the valve was an imported POS. 1 hour was how long it lasted before a plastic clip popped and shot the outer portion of the valve up into the tank lid.

I put the 10-year old valve back in.