questionspm (private messaging) on deals, please?


I for one would really appreciate it. It also makes keeping track of the boxes of offal.


You've got my vote. Much easier than having to go over to the official woot.


In for three! Oh, wait... how 'bout just what these guys have said? PMs here in deals-side would be spectacular -

Also, a PM notification system, like the "someone mentions you in comments, so you get an e-mail alert"... I haven't had issues with that, but I'm sure that many others would appreciate a note that "you've got a PM!" :)


My concurrence is redundant, but I agree none the less...


I agree@!!! would be great!


I still don't see an envelope. Hmmm ...


I would like to see a PM icon next to the userid and reputation info - one that works for PM's across all Woot sites and on all pages. (Not that I have anything to say, but there's always hope, right?)

Would also like the option of email/SMS notification for PM's.


Always the one who is not in the know about things! I see where there is an envelope over at woot. I never really paid any attention to it and did not think it was for pm's to other wooters. I am klozitshoper here and there, but how would one know who is whom over there? Perhaps the name does carry across the boards, but I did not see familiar names from here over in the community discussions. YES, I vote for an option to PM or email through woot to other people from - but not being technically knowledgable, I don't know what the problems could or would be.