questionscan someone please explain walmart's black friday…


It's not that simple. You have to put it on layaway. That reserves it for you at $998. Then, ON Black Friday, you must remove it from layaway and put it back on. And hope that they haven't set up a waiting list for that item that you would be at the bottom of. That way, they're guaranteed to have it in stock for you at the time you show up.

If all that works, then you get your item back onto layaway at the Black Friday price. And you can then buy it at that price.


Walmart's layaway policy:

And here's what others have said about it:

Apparently you will have to pay a $5 fee to put something on layaway but that is refunded as a gift card once the layaway is paid in full. Also, speculation is that the layaway lines will be longer than regular lines.


Well darn, do you mean to tell me that my local radio morning show gave out partial truths!? How dare they... I guess I'll have to awaken from my food induced coma on Thursday night to get to Walmart early enough to wait in line for the 10PM release of my precious TV : (

And after looking at that SouthernSavers website, I guess the loophole Wallyworld has is that the Black Friday items have "special UPC Codes", so there is no possible way to reserve THAT particular price on layaway. The same item before 10PM will have a different UPC apparently : /

I appreciate the input! Even if it's not what I wanted to hear, I guess I better not make any layaway gambles. Here's hoping to no bodily harm from other Walmart shoppers!


@wirges: Different UPC also means it was probably manufactured more crappily. Just beware. Not that it's uncommon for Black Friday deal items to be missing a few features and have slightly different model numbers.


@omnichad oh noes! Is there a way to check that? Or I'll just have to wait until I bring it home and unbox it to see for myself? Maybe once I have the TV in my possession before purchasing I can look up the UPC code on their website?

Thanks for the heads up!


@wirges: They would have to probably come up with a slightly different model number. If it's a Super TV 2000, then maybe it would be Super TV 2000WM. The ads usually don't have model numbers, which is why I almost never buy a black friday special.