questionsdid you (adults) dress up for halloween or trickā€¦


"Scary! Halloween's been hijacked by adults"

I love Halloween and am all for it. Have fun. Just please do not ask for, or even take offered, candy.


Yup. I usually do. I was Hermione from Harry Potter for the 2nd year in a row (easy costume, my kids have all the parts and then I have my clothes).

This time I was walking around downtown Salem after my ex took over the ToT duties, so it was important to be in costume!


I had no choice. I was making/serving cotton candy at our Church fall festival, and HAD to wear a tyvek painter's coveralls. My wife decorated it with a MHI logo (Monster Hunter International). The pink & blue sugar stains were quite interesting at the end of the night.


Nope. Since my daughter reached an age where she doesn't care about Halloween anymore, I stopped dressing up. Now, it's just a night where I try to keep my dog from barking as kids come looking for candy.

I'd happily dress up for a party or function, but I don't dress up (anymore) to hand out candy, and we don't trick-or-treat anymore.


I safety-pinned a dozen or so of the glow-sticks that were wooted a couple weeks back to a baseball cap, and if anyone asked, I was "A little light-headed."

(I was escorting my 6- and 8-yo boys...)


No we didn't. Our last child is too old for it so we did nothing.


I saw a good number of parents dressed up to escort their kids - it was cute. We didn't dress up - it was chilly. But I did have on my jack-o-lantern gloves and Patricspens hoodie of creepiness.


My boyfriend and I dressed up as Mario and Princess Peach for work and candy handing outing.