questionshello meh3884, i'm wondering if you can help me…


As I understand it, the power switch is supposed to flash white/red, when it is charging? Mine doesn't.


@drsilentg: Yeah, the first thing I tried was a different outlet. That wasn't the problem. sigh


@lavikinga: Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.



First, my A500 is running stock 3.2.1.

When charging with the tablet fully on or off, the power button has a red/orange light. While the tablet is booting, the light is white.

I haven't paid attention to what color it is once fully charged (it is at 97% right now, so I will post again a bit later). Edit: the button goes white once fully charged.

When the tablet is on with the screen blanked, the power button flashes white periodically.


@baqui63: My power button stays white when turned on and also when I try to charge the battery. But I think the power adapter seems to fit a little loose at the connector. Does your adapter have a tight fit?

I have been reading @lavikinga's link and there looks like there might be some problems with some of the adapters. I would much rather have a bad adapter than a messed up computer.


Are you putting the power adapter plug in the top of the tablet or the bottom? The power port is in the bottom of the tablet. The port on top is the speaker output. My father also tried to put the power adapter in the top (speaker out) port the first time he put the unit down on Christmas Day.



@huachucac:My Iconia has a docking port on the bottom, and nothing else. On the upper left side (facing toward me) is the power switch and below that is the headphone port. On the upper right side (once again, as the computer faces toward me) is the port for the power adapter.

Thanks for asking me. I admit, I don't know a lot about computers.



Definitely sounds like yours is not charging.

My power plug has a fairly snug fit. Try moving it around a bit (it takes 5-10 seconds for it to see the charger) and see if it starts charging, even briefly.

Don't know if you have access, but a multimeter would let you check the adaptor.

Best of luck with it regardless.


@katblue: Yes you are right, I was getting your tablet (similar to my fathers, confused with my daughters Xoom tablet). This is not your problem. My father did make this mistake, a lot of people past 65 do not care about that stuff and vision is not what it used to be.


@huachucac, @baqui63, @lavikinga and @drsilentg:

Yesterday, I contacted a former co-worker, who is always buying the "latest and greatest" computer toys. I was hoping that he might have some kind of power adapter that I could try on my Iconia. I was in luck, he did, so last night we tried the different charger.

My Iconia worked! Got it all charged up. I'm so glad that it was a broken power adapter and not the tablet . Now I just have to deal with tech support to get a new adapter. :(

Thank you all for your help. Your ideas and instructions helped me to solve my problem.