questionsis there any way to tattle on multiple deals in…


Nope, other than letting the mods know about a specific user or website taking up space.


I usually include a note in the tattle, along the likes of ...
- "All submissions by this user is spam."
- "Fakes. All of them by this user."

Tattling once with the notation that "The site doesn't exist anymore, so any deals pointing to the domain are no longer valid." should be sufficient.


as the "queen of tattles" as proclaimed by several i know, i have been instructed to do a bulk tattle.
to do this: reason select other. then in the description box type (in capital letters works best) "THIS SITE NO LONGER EXIST" and usally i include a note asking that this be forwarded on to jumbowoot so that it can be dealt with in one quick blow instead of as individual tattles. also if you include a copy of the search link it makes it easier/faster for the one doing the expiring.