questionswhat about coffee "pod" systems?


Got my sister a Mr. Coffee for Christmas that uses the Keurig K-Cup system. She seems to like it a lot. Also got her a reusable Keurig My K-Cup that allows you use any coffee you like. Works great, but the mesh screen in the cup is hard to clean. She bought another cup system (not from Keurig) that uses small disposable paper filters to hold the coffee. Don't know how that is working, but cleanup should be much easier.
The Mr.Coffee was about $20 cheaper than the cheapest Keurig brand I could find and I got a $30 gift card with it. Black Friday at Target was great!


I don't understand the logic. You're keeping it at home, where the coffee is much cheaper to brew the old fashioned way, right?

If you're planning on dragging it all the way to a coffee shop so that it's cheaper by comparison I think Starbucks is going to throw you out.


Keurig has a new version out now, so each has their own proprietary systems and now Keurig has three (K, V, and now R). Where is the IEEE interop lab when you need it? Anyway, K-cups (the old standard) have the largest install base but lack the features of the new Keurig R-cups and SB system. I you like just coffee go with a K-Cup system. If you want espressos and lattes then you need to choose between the Keurig R-cup system and the SB system (personally Keurig R-cup will have more choices long term).


My sister has one and loves it. She buys the individual cups (and gets them for Christmas and birthday gifts). She tried one reusable cup but didn't like it. Not entirely certain why but probably because it was too difficult to clean. When I was there over Christmas, the coffee bean grinder had something that definitely wasn't coffee beans in it (never did figure out exactly what it was) so I think she's abandoned the grind your own beans, put it in your own cup thing.

I've used it a couple of times for tea and haven't been that impressed. I like my tea very strong and prefer to leave a tea bag in the cup while I'm drinking the tea. I do use it to get hot water when I'm visiting. And it works well for that. But so does the microwave.


Unless they've switched over to a less wasteful system, I think the overall costs (finance and environmental) are too high. The k-cups aren't recyclable. If you go with a reusable filter, it gets better.


I love my Keurig, and I just got a Vue for Christmas and I'm loving the recyclable nature of the pods and being able to make bigger and stronger cups.


I have a Mr. Coffee K-cup system like @tbgolladay mentioned and I love it. I use the K-cups as well as the reusable plastic and mesh pod.

It's a great solution for our house because we're not big enough coffee drinkers to ever get through an entire pot of coffee. But when you just want one cup at a time, especially something flavored, it's a great little system.

I am intrigued by the newer one like the Nespresso where you can use things like milk during the brewing process, but I haven't used one personally.


My wife works at a certain unnamed warehouse store and she says they get a couple of those K-cup machines back DAILY.
Apparently, people don't read the manual. So they do things to the cups that cause the machine problems or they fail to EVER clean the machine.


We have them at work. Since I bring my own tea to work and hated being forced to make coffee and clean up after the coffee drinkers, I think they are a huge advantage. One really big advantage is that everybody gets what they want, and nothing goes to waste.

The boss always wanted coffee done his way: 3 scoops for 13 cups and only half caf. I don't even drink coffee and that was disgusting. Now the dark roast folks get what they want, light get light, decaf gets decaf. And not as much waste.


Just today I brought a Keurig to my desk at work. I also have a mini fridge at my desk to store creamer and stuff too. The coffee they have here is like drinking mud water. I love that its on demand, hot, good tasting coffee. I have a reusable cup too, but I do find that it leaves a bit of resin from the grinds like a french press and is not as good, but it works well and is easy to clean, and changing to a different grind may help with that. Also, you can use the keurig with no cup to make instant coffee, tea bags, or packets of hot chocolate etc. Definitely a good investment (for me atleast)


I have a Nespresso and LOVE it. Probably my favorite purchase after my Neato. Nespresso doesn't have a lot of pod options like the others do, but what they do have is exceptional. A good buy if you prefer espresso or lattes over real coffee.


I have a Keurig that I rec'd as a gift two years ago, but I am turned off by the fact that the K cups are not recyclable and don't use it much.Total waste. I have one of the reusable, refillable k cup thingees, but honestly I am too lazy to use it. It is a total pain to clean and the coffee is not as good.


I like the keurig k cup maker - the first one broke after about a year and sams club replaced it for free.

I recycle the coffee grounds from the k cups and the make your own plastic coffee container, the grounds go into my garden.

I am not an uber coffee snob, so to me the coffee is good enough, I get all the variety I want, and I can take it from home. I only drink one cup a day so this thing is perfect for me. I use it for coffee, don't care for how it makes tea. The hot water isn't really hot enough for tea or ramen.

K cups are fairly cheap on the amazon warehouse, sort through all the junk though. K cups are also available on sale at many grocery stores.

I heard that the patent for k cups was expiring so the cups should be getting cheaper soon.

My mother has a tassimo? but she doesn't like how hard it is to find different types of coffee cups/pods for it. It looks like a better machine to me and the coffee is hotter.


1) French press
2) Bialetti
3) My old Black and Decker 12 cup maker.
I don't quite get the k-cup deal- except to sell the cups. What if I want just a little more? Maybe a warmup? Maybe my cup holds a cup and a half?