questionswould you like to see a list of all the plus…


Wow! Just looking at all that made me tired...I can't imagine what typing it would do. Nice work!


@jsimsace: Oh heck, I'm not typing it. It's mostly a report I receive each morning. I'm adding categories and a couple other things. Then I have Excel create the post for me with the links.


@thunderthighs: I am not making fun, I am having fun, and I hope you take it that way.

Wouldn't it be easier to just post the link

I kind of like it. After a purchase a link should pop up saying now that you unlocked free shipping is there anything else you want


Needs thumbnails and prices. Similar to an Amazon (or any other online retailer) search results.

lichme is close with his woot plus tracker
He just needs to show all items on one page instead of one page per sale like this:


I'd hate to think how long that thing would be if I added thumbnails. Plus, I don't really have a way to do that.

This is the best I'm going to be able to do. Think of it like the left side of the page where you have the departments listed. This is for you to scan and look at what's in the areas that interest you.


Yes Please, but only the really really good ones. I want it all and I want it immediately or say 10:45 am, that would be okay too. I want the website to be the fastest on earth and have this little glitch where it "forgets" to take the money from my account. Yeah, Baby how bout it?


@caffeine_dude: I was waiting for a comment like this.

One deal a..........


I like having that list. I don't always get a chance to check out all the Woot Plus deal pages so it's nice to have everything in one place.
However, the links weren't what I expected. Each link in each category goes to the main page for that selection of deals. I expected the link to go to the actual product. I think it would be better to have a link at the top of each section that goes to the main page for that section and then the individual product links to go to the individual product/buy page. Does that make sense?Would that be possible to do?


Yup, this has been needed for a while. I was extremely disappointed to find out after the fact that I missed out on something I really wanted because it was listed under a cutesy, catchall heading on sellout.woot. (Ironically, google led me to the expired 5-day listing that had been so cleverly hidden on woot.)

The list as presented is too dense to be useful, but a bit of editing (and/or front-end data formatting) could yield something like this:

Movies - Ends Mon Feb 04, 9am:
Twilight: Eclipse [Blu-ray] $11
Twilight: New Moon [Blu-ray] $12
Valentine's Day [Blu-ray] $10

Sports - Exercise & Fitness - Ends Mon Feb 04, 9am:
ProForm Fitness 1210 RT Treadmill with Wi-Fi $235
ProForm Fitness 315 IC Indoor Cycle $123
ProForm Fitness 385 CSX Exercise Bike $167

NB: above prices are fictional - but actual prices are necessary for this to be useful, IMO.


@gt0163c: for right now, I'm putting links to track usage. If people don't use it, I'm not going to continue to do the list. By going to the event instead of the sale page, I'm creating fewer bit,ly links - a manual process.

If, after the pilot period, it looks like usage is good and growing, I can look at using direct links to the sales.

And hey, you get to see the other stuff for sale.

As to listing the prices, I thought about but it's a static list and we do periodically lower prices. My list would be out of date at thet point. Plus, the lines are already kinds long.

I may move shirt and wine to the bottom of the list. That may help a bit.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for taking initiative on this. Anything to make things easier is a plus. Unfortunately, I think it'll take another site redesign to accommodate having so many items for sale at one time. I just don't think a static, hard-to-find forum post will cut it.


@bsmith1: I agree. Thank you for all the hard work, the few mods we have contact with do a great job here! But all these extra "deals" would be better off for another site and cherry pick the best deal for woot!


I appreciate the effort. But no use to me unless prices are shown, and links must take me to the item writeup. Thanks.


@bsmith1: Ask and ye shall receive. It has been completed. Let me know if it is to your liking.


@lichme: Thanks, guy. I was able to scroll through in about 30 seconds looking at the pics. If the pic intrigues me, I look at the desc and then the price to determine if it's worth clicking. Good stuff.


Hey, I appreciate your honesty. It was one of those, is this better than nothing projects. If it's not used, I'll kill it.


@thunderthighs: If you don't know this yet - you are SO appreciated! You listen to us, and try to make things better. Applause and many kudos to you!!


Good golly. I like the thought, but man, that's a lot to read, much less type and hyperlink!


I love it.

Will the updated lists be in the same (updated) post?

I ask because I'd like to bookmark some URL that will always bring me to that list without having to hunt for a post. What's the best URL to bookmark?



@mrgrogg: Thanks! Yes, it will always be updated in the same thread, in the top post.

I'm working on some tweaks now to make it easier to read.



Updated to add group headers
Moved shirt.woot to end of list
Condensed like items (24 Neptune watches, 8 SIGG bottles)


would LOVE a plus list!!! good luck on putting it together!!


I love it! A clean simple listing of everything. When I get the chance, I like to check everything that has changed on woot plus when the rollover happens during the day, but I don't always keep track of what is ending, etc. And even if you go to the main woot page, you still have to go on each sale page to see the individual items, so this will save me a lot of time in my obsessive checking. I also love how you have categorized it, because I have missed things I've wanted before because they were hidden in quirkily named sales on other sites I wasn't expecting them on and didn't fully check out those sales until the items were sold out. I can see this is as something I will use frequently! Thanks @thunderthighs - much appreciated!!


I like the idea and is a lot easier than having to go through everything. I'm more likely to scroll through a huge list for what I like rather than clicking each plus sale because there MIGHT be something I like. Honestly, not going to look through everything and may not click every sale but definitely more useful than the current state. In fact, if you guys could take off the huge images from the main sites and just link to a tab at the top (no mentioning plus sales on the main site, just a tab at the top), I would love that even more.

My requests:
1. Exclude the sold out stuff. I clicked on some of them and they are sold out. Is that possible?
2. Can you make it a tab at the top? It would make it a lot easier to click.
3. Is it possible to list the condition as well?
4. I'm also a fan of listing the prices, even if the price is wrong!


@thunderthighs: Hey, I appreciate your honesty. It was one of those, is this better than nothing projects. If it's not used, I'll kill it.
Sounds a bit like blackmail.

Again with the humor.


@thunderthighs: Don't you know that if you want to get people to do something, you have to threaten to kill puppies or kittens, not lists? ;-)


@caffeine_dude: Well, heck. I'm putting time into this so if not many use it, why do it. Good news is that I'm happy with the number of clicks from yesterday and there's already more than that number for today already.


@reginafilangee: Click my list or the screaming monkey gets it?



Sold Out: Can't really do that. It's a static list. I don't revisit existing items until I remove them from the list. This lessens my work load.

Tab: That would require development work. We're short-handed and project heavy in that department.

Condition: I should be able to do that

Price: I'm not a big fan of that at the moment. We do periodically lower prices. And heck, I really do want you to look at the other offers so clicking through is good for Woot. cough


Hey all, just thought I'd let you know that lichme, a wooter, is taking over the project of posting all the PLUS deals. I'm thrilled that someone in the community is doing this. Check out his awesome stuff by clicking the link in my signature.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for letting us know! And many thanks for your work on the project!

This is @lichme's thread in community. Right?

2 things, @lichme, are you still updating your wootstalker w/the same info? And....good grief, woot...PAY this man for his work. (TT, I know you have no control over that.)


@gmwhit: Yes, thank you! I forgot to link it. Doh!


@gmwhit: Yeah, my site will still be up and the full trackers with images for all of the sales. I figured it would be easy enough to dump the data to the forums so that the people who aren't utilizing it would still be able to see all of the sales easily. Plus, TT is busy enough as it is.