questionshow many people will be hitting the stores on may…


Shouldn't they do it on May 4th instead?

Cause nothing says Cinco De Mayo like free comic books... errr what?


I'm planning on dropping by my local comic shop. I need to pick up my subscriptions anyway. I'm just hoping that they have the Serenity/Star Wars freebie comic. The Buffy/Guild one looked fun too. And the Mouseguard one looks interesting. I'm not familiar with that comic, but I liked the preview that's up on the site.


I'm in for one...and will drag my wife along for an extra one. She's a good sport about humoring her geek husband.


In for a few while celebrating the re-launch of Valiant.


If we end up in the city, I'm sure my husband will find a comic shop to stop in. I'm not a singe comic sort of woman though, as I'd much rather have the bunch bound in graphic novel form to read all in one go. They look prettier on my bookshelves that way too.


I'm planning to go. I'll pick up some for my kids, and some for my friends serving in the military overseas. That combo means I usually can use one of each comic offered. :)


@elandria: I agree. That's pretty much the only reason I don't buy The Walking Dead on a regular basis.

I'm even tempted against the Trades, because they keep releasing bigger volumes. Although the front covers of the Trades make one big collage/ image, so that's pretty cool.

All in all, for WD, I'll probably wait until the series comes to an end.


@grimskull89: FCBD falls on the first Saturday in May, and Cinco de Mayo happens to also be that day this year. Next year FCBD WILL be on May the 4th.


@grimskull. May 4th is already a geek holiday Star Wars Day. "May the 4th, be with you! "


@woothulhu: I know but it seems like they should just mash the days together.
Inless! they are trying to convert more into the world of Star Wars/comic book.

Holidays that change are somewhat annoying, never quite understood them. That is except for the ones that rely on say equinoxes, or other cosmic events.

@whitlock929 hence my link to the wiki page about that exact topic.


I married a comic book nerd who even used to own a comic book store, so I have a feeling we'll end up at one of our local stores this Saturday.


I didn't even realize that GoHastings was a B&M chain... too bad their not in Ohio


I'll pick up my subscription comics. My dealer bags up a selection of the FCBD comics for all his subscribers.

BTW, there are a lot of "normal" holidays that don't fall on the same day every year:

Thanksgiving - 4th Thursday in November
Mother's Day - 2nd Sunday in May
Father's Day - 3rd Sunday in June