questionswhat are your thoughts about the "deal-hunter…


I have enjoyed the additional activity on the site, but it didn't directly affect my participation. I have posted a lot more deals in the last week than is my custom, but it's because of all the emails I am getting on BF sales, not due to this competition. So I wish only the best to those of you who have seriously competed and made this site the better for it.


This has been the first time i've ever been active in this part of the community. I didn't really go out of my way to find deals, just shared some that i found while shopping for other things. It has been nice to see some good, active deals that piqued my interest though.

Regarding the competition...I knew when it started that i had no chance of winning a prize, but the less than .1% chance of qualifying for the mystery category has me excited enough to stay around. It will be a relief though when it's over; i'll get some work done. ;)


I think the idea is good, the execution not as good. As many people may know, I used to be on top of the leader board for many many months. In my opinion, this contest may be a bandage at best to temporarily increase participation. The underlying problems are still here. I tattled my own deal to get a price removed from the title on one of my deals hours ago, and it is still sitting there unchanged. There are also other questions looming about the prizes. If the top voted deal is also the most purchased, does that person win both prizes? General information like that, in addition to other rules should be posted upfront. Once again, I received an email from WootBot a couple of days ago asking me to participate without a link or mention of any rules in the email.

In general, I am very competitive, and this competition sparked that back up, which is fun for me. I think it's great that woot does this kind of stuff, but in the future it needs to be planned better.


@lichme: This is one time when I wish I could up vote this more than once. (Yes, I'm one of those rare people who only has 1 name/1 vote.)


@lichme: I agree on the "unanswered" questions bit.

Realistically, if someone has the top deal they are quite likely to also have the most purchased deal.

Being one of the front runners at the moment, I would be extremely upset to lose because of a technicality that was not addressed in the beginning. With such large prizes available and very few rules regarding them I feel there will likely be several upset wootizens at the end of the competition.

Again another plug for @prettywootprincess : any word on EXACTLY when this competition will end as well as what will happen with deals posted that day...etc.



I found one answer I was looking for, but would still appreciate some additional insights regarding the prizes.

"Promotion begins on November 1, 2013 and ends 12:00 a.m. (CT) on November 22, 2013"


The thing I have enjoyed most about this whole thing is seeing so many people participating. This place is starting to feel like it did when I first joined and I really like that. I can't wait to see who gets the BOC's, I love watching the unboxings.


I have enjoyed seeing many deals added by real people and not spammers. I actually look at the deals posted lately, instead of skimming over the crap, because I trust the community members to post good stuff. I wish I had more time to participate, but life is interfering with my interwebz time these days. Thanks to everyone who has played the game, and maybe we can keep up the good deal karma after all is said and done!


@bsmith1: It's 3:30am here, so perhaps I'm just brain-fuzzy, but what point are you trying to make about who voted for whom?


Well, the competition is what got me posting my very first deals.
And i've found that there's a learning curve to it. Deals from certain merchants are almost instantly downvoted (even if they're really good deals), retaliatory downvoting is always a possibility, and the duplicates (which can be avoided by doing a search first, or "the system" can be made to have the ability to block posting a deal that's already been posted).
When posting my deals it's not uncommon for me to create an account (if i don't already have one) and go thru the buying process all the way to the last stages of checkout to make sure that the deal is sound and all coupon/promo codes work. And i always do a search first to make sure it's not a duplicate.
I'm a very competitive person by nature so this experience has been fun for me. For the most part ;)


@magic cave: lichm e has at least one more account and it voted for his own deals.


@edurne: I do the same checking to make sure it all works, and after the deal is posted I click on the want-one button to be sure the link itself works. There are a few companies whose links never seem to work, which means I have to comment with the cut-and-paste link.


@bsmith1: oh come now, if you're going to mention someone in that manner, then tag them. @lichme deserves to see what is being said and defend against it, if necessary. (BTW - he's not eligible for the contest.)
Overall, the contest brought back some good participation and may have proven a point - that with an active community, the vendor self promotion falls back a few pages.


@thumperchick: Great, now you've done it. He's gonna hate me for sure. At the time, he didn't know he didn't qualify. Competition and fabulous prizes (greed) make the worst come out of all of us. Sorry, @lichme, don't like ban me from your site/app or release my personal info or anything.


@bsmith1: Correction, I have a shared account, primarily for helping out coworkers and wootstalkers getting some crap. You will also notice that the majority of the deals that account has voted for recently are not my own, including the deal that would be next in line for the winning vote. You will also notice that the Starbucks deal I submitted that would have won is not on that list.

@thumperchick: Thanks for the tag


@lichme: So it's ok if my office has like 20 "shared" accounts and I can log into each and upvote on my deals? I'll vote for a few other users' deals too just so it's not so obvious... Oh, also if I happen to find a BOC link out if social media land or hidden in a game or something, I can buy it on all 20 shared accounts and that's perfectly cool? Just making sure I understand the current woot ethics.

Sorry I called you out. You seem like a nice fellow. I'm just a sore loser and a tattletale.


@bsmith1: I'm not the deals police, nor am I the BOC police, so I cannot comment. I do however know that people purchase BOC's for their spouses, friends, coworkers etc all the time. My office does it, people in forums do it, people in chat also share links when they pop up and what not too. There is a reason why people use woot trackers and auto buyers, everybody wants to be ahead of the game. My point being, that the votes used on the account for the competition not only did not help me in any way, they helped others who were trying to win that were competing against me (while I was eligible). I went ahead and up voted anybody who submitted a deal that had 10 or more votes on it with the hunter tag, just in case my vote for @studerc was unfair in any way.

Feel free to join chat if you'd liked to further discuss.


@lichme: Pfft... Join chat and have my ip address and ISP logged by your bot? Oh, you'd like that. I bet you'd like that very much indeed sir. :P
BOCs are really another matter. (sorry to bring that up) With $200 of woot bucks on the line, however, multi accounts voting for deals raise my eyebrow a bit higher. I assume the 1 downvote on that account was an accident, but a person could really start to sway the results if they enlisted all their "shared" accounts. That was really my point.
Have a great night. Sleep tight...real tight. Mmmm....


@bsmith1: I see your point, and am not disagreeing with you that there is potential for the outcome to be skewed, however if that were my intent, you would have seen a lot different activity on that account. The entire process for winning is poorly executed. I knew when I posted that Starbucks deal that it would be at the top, which is why I stayed up until 1AM to post it. Honestly, there are way bigger issues here that I will not get into. Lol @ the IP comment, I already have it! In all seriousness though, I do think @studerc deserves at least one of the prizes, which is why I voted for their Breaking Bad deal. I hope we can still be friends, I still <3 you. (not joking).

I just reread the last line of your post..... that is soooo disturbing.


@lichme: I appreciate the shout out. I really have been working hard for this competition using all of my deals.Woot skills and strategy. Not to mention about half of the top ten deals are mine...only a few hours left to hold on to the top.


@bsmith1: Man, you've really been struggling with making friends on woot as of late... :)


@studerc: Yep. Like I said, I'm sore loser. I never win anything. (-_-) (kicks rocks)


@lichme: "...I already have it.."

Heh, good point. Friendship preserved!


I tried, but I didn't post as much as I usually do. Contest was just bad timing for me.My mom, who is not well, had an acute illness. Not what I envisioned -- my mom or my participation ! I added more the past couple days. But seems like it was all movie deals that were voted up. Anyone else notice that ?

Good fun to see the activity and deals {and less spam}
When I had time, I explored sites on the list that I never posted from before -- very clear as to why for many ;-)
Others, I found some new future deal potential.
I also still posted stuff not on the list. As I noticed many of the other "regulars" did the same. Yay !

Maybe they'll do more tun and games in the future. I feel it was a good thing ! A bandage ? Maybe. Maybe it is the start of better things. Personally I also think things that are, eh,em, just "meh" might of given them a little push ! Let's hope it continues.
I need a contest when my mom is not so sick ! So let's do more please.


@ceagee: Movie deals are strategy. Physical media, especially movies have always been popular here on deals.woot (just look at the most voted). Half of popularity is playing to your audience and their interests. A movie + a popular movie + a reputable retailer + free shipping is bound to reap high numbers of votes. It's a bold strategy and it all ends of boiling down to what time the deal was posted and whether or not it is more or less of a popular movie.