questionswhy are you all so active all of a sudden?


I don't know what you're talking about. I've been phoning it in for weeks.


No you won't. Once a black triangle, always a black triangle.


@panthiest: I believe she means that the black triangles are on a sliding scale. Let's say, for example, that there are only 350 of them. So when some people start posting more deals, asking more questions, voting, etc, their reputation moves up. If you are stagnant you will move down in your reputation. There might be a point where a purple triangle moves up to a black and that may knock a black triangle down to purple.

I tested this in January and it really does happen. Didn't post anything anywhere for a whole month and I went from a black triangle to purple. I was back to black quickly just by voting for a couple good deals in February.


Yes, there has definitely been big up tick in activity and deals posted over the past couple of weeks.


And here I was thinking it had been pretty quiet...

Watching for the good deals. I need some holiday ideas.


My October exile is over. I'm a little excited. Sorry.


It's U,S. National goof off week....well, partial week anyway.

j5 j5

hmmmm...i posted just to see what my triangle is lol!


Nobody is working at the places I deal with for work so I've got a bit more free time this week.


@robertmcclure: At the top right portion of the screen where it says Hi, {username} (sign out), you can hover your mouse pointer over your name and it will show you your triangle color, square color, and the number of purchases made.


It's the most wonderful time of the year, we've got Woot!-offs and Woot! Plus and all kinds of deals!


Are you implying that I have been slacking?


@thumperchick Perhaps my mind is fading. Could be that. And yet, I think you asked a question tonight about why woot wasn't working. It was not. That question seems to have been deleted.

OH MY! Who would do that????? Anyway...if I'm not losing my mind (could be), I want to say that your question was valid. The deletion of that question was absurd.


@gmwhit: Yeah... the amount of "modding" lately seems to be way over the top. The fact is, the site crashed. I guess we don't get to leave that up, though.