questionsany deals on microsd cards? 8g or better?


16GB for $18, if you don't mind rebates, which I'm sure you do.

I have a MicroCenter store a couple miles from work and pick up any flash drives or cards from their. They always seem to have some of the best prices.


There are tons of brand new 8GB Micro SDHC cards on ebay for $9.99 + free shipping.


well what do you need it for? if you are just using it for photos on a low-end digital camera, then a class-2 is fine and you can get them for about 1$ per gig or cheaper... If you are going to be using it for video, you might want to go to a class 6 or above.


@devexityspace: agreed, @hockeyham we need to know what its purpose is or what class you need


For use in cell phone. Just data storage for onboard camera and MP3s.

Thanks for replies.