questionshave you seen the new terms and conditions of…


The less people overloading their blogs with sepia filtered images with one word captions; the better the internet will be. No complaints here.


I sent this to my friends this morning. I have never used it, and certainly won't start now.


if you use instagram in the first place you deserve to be treated in such a fashion.

all told.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion dollars.


Never understood the point of using it in the first place.


looks like I will be deleting Instagram from my phone today


How in the heck would this even work, anyway? I guess they could theoretically get the rights from the account holder, but to use someone's likeness for advertising you need the consent of the person depected (or parents), not just the account holder the photo was posted on. Remember these are family/friends snapshots, not pro photos with model releases. So...

1). Jane takes snapshot of her friend Bob at a party.
2). Jane posts it on Instagram. Jane has agreed to the user agreement, Bob has not (Bob hasn't even heard of Instagram and has no account)
3). Instagram uses Bob's picture in an ad for Viagra or enemas or penis enlargement or a sex-offender search website or any of a thousand embarassing things.

I'm not a lawyer but I am a serious amateur photographer and I can't think of any reason Bob wouldn't have very strong grounds to sue Instagram (and probably Jane). Jane can't sign away Bob's rights by proxy. Instagram would be sued out of existence if they really tried this.


@starblind: IANAL either, but my initial take on it is the same as yours. It's similar to the concept that just because an image or text appears in a public place it's copyright-free.

AOL tried something similar to this many years ago (claiming total ownership of anything posted in a user profile or in a chat room) and got shot down very fast.


@starblind: LOL. As for the OP, Instagram and FB aren't in my favorites. :) Thanks for the warning anyway!


@starblind: by agreeing to the terms of service, users state that they have permission to photograph subjects in pictures they upload, relinquish rights to these pictures to instagram, and terminate further claim to endorsement...what is so difficult to understand about that? did you read the jackwagon new TOS or are you flapping your ass lips like ace ventura?

FACT: the lawyers that draft these terms know a fuckton more about the laws surrounding the matters you're piping up about, so i'm not sure why you or others are wasting your breath about it.