questionshow does one add shipping after price in item…


Good question. I think it is possible to add the shipping by typing in all info (including shipping) in the first section, then leave the cost portion blank. For example, if you were to type "2 Pack of SanDisk 4GB High Capacity MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card With SD Card Adapter and Case for $7.99 + $4.99 shipping" in the first part, then leave cost blank, I believe it would display like @thefenst posted.

My question would be is this ok to routinely do? It makes it read better by adding the shipping in the main line, but it kind of seems like we are circumventing the system by doing this.


@shawnmiller Can you answer the above comment -- is it alright to add the cost and shipping in the first line and leave the cost box blank?


@eremita: I wouldn't recommend it. This would prevent someone from using the advanced search features and finding your item based on pricing criteria.

We're working on a redesign of the "What's your deal?" form that's most likely a few months away, but its intention is to capture more data about a deal (shipping amount, expiration date, possibly more). Until then, you can tattle on your deal and a moderator will help you add your shipping amount in your desired format.


@shawnmiller: Oops! Tried that posting method on a deal this evening before I saw your reply. I will tattle on it and hope it can be fixed. Thanks for the reply, BTW.