questionswhere is my air bed that i ordered?


Hi there,
Your question is a little unspecific. Deals.woot doesn't directly send products - if you've bought your product from a woot site, such as woot, tech, home, sport, kids, shirt, wine, or sellout, you may find your information up in the stuff you bought link. Failing that, you could also send your order number to and see what's up. Do remember that it can take up to 5 business days to ship things out, although often times due to a variety of shipping methods it is faster.

Hope this helps.

ps. Which is also to say if you didn't buy it from us, then please contact the vendor for updates!


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To borrow from @thedogma in this thread:

deals.woot is a deals aggregator, it doesn't actually sell anything.

If the tree you're referring to was a previous Woot, sorry, you missed your chance. But don't fret! Items do have a tendency to rotate so it may very well come back.

If you didn't see it on Woot and are just wondering if anyone, anywhere on deals.woot has this, search for it. If it's ever been posted, it should show up.


@hossdawg97: It's always a "friend", right? ;)