questionshow did you get into fantasy sports?


fantasy sports leagues came about when jocks wanted to play dungeons and dragons, but were embarrassed about it.


I've only played in one fantasy league, a pro football league, two years ago. I used to volunteer with the youth group at my church and our youth guy at the time was a huge sports night. Some of the kids wanted to put together a league and at the deadline there were an odd number of teams. Apparently things go more smoothly when there are an even number, so I jumped in. Most of the season I had no idea what I was doing and spent more time issuing press releases about my fantasy broadcast staff, my fantasy catering staff, upgrades to my fantasy stadium, etc. Aside from the press releases, I probably spent about 30 minutes a week doing research and setting my lineup. I had a lot of fun (despite still not really knowing what was going on most of the time), made the playoffs and then got knocked out after the first or second week.

My team name was OOAOE (Outside our area of expertise), mascot was a semi-sentient water cooler and our team colors were Jackie Stewart's yartan plaid).


I just decided to join the fantasy football league with some other wooters. I've never done it before, so I'm going to read up on it. Should be fun, and I need more entertainment in my life, lol


I watched a few years and then played football one year. I liked it but just cannot justify the time to really have fun with it right now. If I could, I would spend a few hours a week reading and adjusting. I would try to watch more games and highlights than I am managing now, too. I like to plan my Sundays around the games but life keeps getting in the way!


I have a group of friends that came together from going to Cubs games. I started up a fantasy baseball league with them with 8 out of 10 playing for the first time. That league is now in its 5th year and we have had keepers for 3.

We also started up a football league and this is the first year with keepers. Also, the last place team must display a framed, autographed Ryan Leaf 8"x10" photo prominently in their house until next year's draft.

I like fantasy sports since it helps me see what is going on in sports outside of my favorite teams. You learn who is having career years and who is struggling. I understand that it is very similar to D&D, but I also don't look down on D&D players. I also never bring up my fantasy teams with people not in the leagues.

One rule that came into force this year in baseball was that teams are not allowed to keep a player 3 years in a row. This resulted in a lot of trades of big name players this year.


click your heels 3 time and say...I need a life, I need a life, I need a life


I was pretty into sports when I was younger, primarily baseball, but somehow I never got into fantasy sports. It always seemed like a lot of work. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the fun, but I worry I'll spend too much time on it!


When I was in high school a few friends made a fantasy hockey league in Smallworld Fantasy Sports. I had never even heard of fantasy let alone played but since I am a hockey fan gave it a shot. It had a very unique game play style I truly enjoyed. Instead of a roto league it was a stock market based game. They gave you a budget of 50 million and you had to pick players based on price, unlike roto every team had access to the full stable of players so it was possible for every team in the league could have the same player(s). Their value would then rise or fall like the stock market based on sales. A hot rookies who was priced low would skyrocket and a allstar having a horrible year would drop like a rock. It gave a different twist on it which was enjoyable as if you played it correct you could more then double you payroll. Sporting News purchased the setup a few years later and proceeded to drive it into the ground in 2 years. I do not find other fantasy games as fun.


I've never really been into fantasy sports. I have thought about it, but I just don't seem to have the time at this point in my life. :)