questionsis anyone else annoyed that the east coast buys…


Why would that annoy me?


I'm annoyed, but it has nothing to do with them buying stuff.


No. But I live on the east coast so...sorry?


Geez, if it's that big a deal, get up 3 hours early, then go back to sleep for a while.

Or you could move.


Yes, that really chaps my hide! Stop buying pbuttercups' stuff you darn east coasters!


I am sometimes annoyed that they get to post all the good deals right in the middle of my sleep window. There will be some food deal that I know about in advance and know is going to be very popular, but can't post till the day of due to woot rules. So I keep it in my pending files for a week and then go to post it and someone already posted it at 3 or 4am my time. Part of why I have mostly given up on posting deals.


@moondrake: Clearly the solution is to stop sleeping.


So shop at 10pm Pacific time before you go to bed. Problem solved.


It doesn't annoy me at all. I live on the east coast and I get up at 5 AM.


@djp519: Alas, I am mountain time, so it usually comes to me at midnight.


@pbuttercups: Wait, wait! I have another hare-brained solution! Instead of moving, you could change jobs, so that you be working at the right time to woot!



@thedogma: I have tried that, following the mantra "sleep is for the weak". Works on the short term but not so much on the long term. I've always hated sleeping, I'm not very good at it. I always felt that if I was going to spend 1/3rd of my life unconscious I'd rather it was the last third, not the part I am trying to use right now.


Yeah that just burns my...wait, I live on the East coast.
Sorry for being so annoying, is that better?


Only if I'm allowed to be annoyed that the west coast doesn't have to wait up until 1am for new woot rollover.


I'm not annoyed. I am annoying. But, occasionally I am both.


No, but is is kinda annoying that things like Amazon deals don't switch over until west coast midmight time or later... Why can't we all agree that Central time is the right time?