questionsdo you use delivery confirmation when mailing…


I don't consider USPS Delivery Confirmation to be worth more than I can shake a stick at.

With that in mind... I will if I need to know that it gets there. (I.e., books, ebay, etc)


If I don't know the person well, sure (like if I'm selling something online). Otherwise not usually.


When I need to be sure I have proof that an item has been shipped and received at the other end (mostly I just use shipping when sending back RMA products), I will always ask for the cheapest shipping product that includes some form of tracking, even if it's just a delivery confirmation. That way I can show I did my due diligence and can offer proof to the recipient that I made an effort to get the unit to them in a safe and secure manner.
I once sent back a drive to Seagate for RMA and they told me they hadn't received anything. I was able to provide the tracking information that indicated that it had been received by the Seagate hub, so the agent cleared my account from any further responsibility for the dead drive.
I don't, however, opt for any additional insurance - I do like when they include the first $100 worth of coverage for free though.


I have to send back some things I bought, 2 places maybe total of $20. If it gets lost I'm out that money vs 80 cents for the confirmation.


If you are using Priority Mail, and print from online USPS gives free delivery confirmation.


@morriea: I always get it free when I sell something on ebay because I have a scale. You can get free DC by printing a First Class label at home/work if you know the weight. As far as the USPS website, I'm not sure. As for the OP, yes I do.


@jsimsace: I do the same for eBay. The scale has paid itself many times over between eBay discounts and USPS discounts.


I generally ship things FedEx Ground and get a tracking number. Works pretty much the same as delivery confirmation.


Yes, when I need to know that something has gotten somewhere and about when it did so.

I rarely send stuff with the USPS as there is almost always a very long line and it is annoying that they always have more than half of the windows closed yet there are people wandering (or apparently lounging) around behind the windows doing nothing.

Their busiest times are when other people are at lunch... if they were really interested in keeping their jobs and not having their workforce reduced, you'd think that they would work a bit harder when there is a long line. They don't seem to realize that they are in a customer service industry. It is even worse when you try to contact them by phone.

(Sorry... my postman (I know.. he's a letter carrier now) is a great guy and does a good job. And there are certainly others who work for the USPS that are good people and do a good job... but based only on my experience with the USPS as a whole, it would be reasonable to presume that there aren't.)


I only do when I do shirt trades. It's kind of expected that both parties will exchange confirmation numbers so each will see his/her shirt is on its way.

Of course, I don't really send packages otherwise.


I didn't know that most people pay extra for it. I always ship online using and it's included.

I mailed a 6-oz. package on Thursday morning from Los Angeles to Maine. Printed postage online and dropped it in the mailbox. I like that I get tracking numbers immediately. I checked that night and saw that it had been picked up and scanned and had left Los Angeles. It was delivered on Saturday and I got an email immediately. I just like being able to track the packages I send, especially if it's at no extra cost.

I'm amazed at how cheap the postage is. "You're taking a package for me and delivering it to the front step of my sister all the way across the country for $6.20?! What?!"

I spend more on a beer.