questionsmy laptop doesn't have an hdmi output but i have…


If you have DVI output yes. It's pretty cheap, just search dvi to hdmi at the 'Zon or whatever. If you only have VGA out the simple answer is no. Not unless you want to spend a lot of money.


USB to HDMI adapters are available. Not cheap (50 or 60 bucks).

edit: I should have asked - what are you trying to connect your laptop to?


@neenerneenernine11: Then they are available. I can't make any recommendations because I've never used one. Did some checking and they are availailable from NewEgg, Tiger Direct, Meritline, and I'm sure many other sellers.


Another thought - if you decide to purchase one, make sure you check out the system requirements. If your laptop does not have a good processor speed, you probably won't be satisfied with the results.


@neenerneenernine11: Does your TV have any other input options? I haven't been TV shopping in awhile but many TV's (including my cheapo 19" LCD) have a VGA port on them...


From what I remember reading back in the day, it wasn't possible to output sound through DVI. Briefly skimming some information just now, however, it seems like it might be possible to output sound depending upon a number of different things.

So, just keep in mind that you may or may not be able to output sound using something like a DVI to HDMI adapter like you would definitely be able to otherwise do if you just had an HDMI output.


@tsfisch: i don't think so

Thanks for all the help everyone, i appreciate it


The original spec for DVI includes sound. But no one does.
HDMI really is DVI, with separate sound wires.
There are VGA > DVI adapters out there, and somethimes they work.
There are DVI > HDMI adapters out there, and they usually work.
If you try stringing VGA > DVI > HDMI > RCA > TV, it may possibly work.

I'd suggest you look at all your ins and outs, before you ask a question like this. Just because you have a cable doesn't mean much if you don't have anything to plug any end of it. In.
So: what are your laptop video out choices- VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort? If you don't know tell us the make and model. Then what are you trying to plug it into? An old TV with the red, yellow and white RCA jacks? Does it have HMI or a DVI port? Are you also trying to stick an old DVD recorder in the middle of all this?
Maybe you need to draw a picture. Which component and what connector needs to connect to which other component and what other connector? The blanks may fill themselves in.