questionswhen is woot! going to add a "beauty woot!" to…


That might be next, but IMHO there are already too many sites. No offense, but I hope they don't add any more distractions from "One Day, One Deal".


When my head explodes, or my tablet has a meltdown, whichever comes first.


I'd actually rather they did away with all the PLUS stuff and just add one more tab for beauty. I still like the 1 deal each day, but enjoy the multiple "tabs".

I thought I would enjoy the plus thing, but haven't really gotten into it. I check Wootwatcher on my phone first thing each day, which is nice because (so far) it only shows the ONE real deal from each site. It takes away the confusion that I'd get by having to check the "real" Woot site. No ads, no craziness to dig through. It's what keeps me sane Woot-wise. :-)


Will say that "On Line Shopping Mall" seems to be an apt description at this point. Sadly.


@gmwhit: Yeah, ever since the big overhaul, that's what Woot reminds me of. When I said Wonderful World Of Woot Plus in my original post, I was using a little sarcasm, because I don't particularly like all the changes. I just figured while they're adding new "departments", so to speak, why not add one more? We've got the entrance to the mall itself (regular Woot), the home goods dept, the kid's dept, Clearance dept (sellout), and now sporting goods. I consider Wine Woot to be sort of like a Starbucks that is attached to a regular store...only it's more the ABC type.

Anyway, that's why I figure a beauty/skincare dept wouldn't be too much of a stretch if Woot were to decide to add it on to the rest of the "Mall".


"I mean, with all this other stuff, they might as well be throwing some great beauty and cosmetic deals at us."

.... or you can find some and post them up on deals. Just sayin'.


@inkycatz: This is true. But there are so many things out there that I may not even realize I need. Stuff I've never heard of. Same as with the Sports, Kids or Home...

Sometimes Woot brings merchandise to my attention that otherwise I'd never know about. Much less whether they're a great deal.



Normally, I might agree with you on the hell freezes over comment (if this were the "Old Woot"), but since Woot is not really "Woot" anymore, and just an extension of Amazon, it wouldn't surprise me if they've already discussed the possibility. Beauty/Skincare is one of the largest selling markets in the world. Believe me, if Amazon thought that a "Beauty" tab on Woot would generate more money into their wallet, they'd do it. Worldwide sales of skincare and cosmetics is well over $160 billion a year. So you never know...hell might already be feeling a bit of a draft. ;-)