questionswould anyone be interested in a wooter coat drive?


I have a ton of coats that my kids AND I have grown out of. I was going to drop them off at our local resale shop but if you have an addy for ship to, please post.


@coreyking: Thanks, Corey, that's very generous. I don't want to take money away from one of your local charities, but if you are so inclined NY Cares is also accepting gently used coats and I will post the address as soon as I have it. (I hate shipping anything by hand, so when I think of donating a coat, I think, "Who has free shipping? I'll buy from them.")


I have a few coats to spare.


Not a bad idea, but I'm already supporting a local charity drive for coats and sweaters.


I says in the link that any nyc library will take coats. I'm not far from Queens.


My two-year old has outgrown a few coats. I wonder if they have a special need for toddler/baby sized coats? It would make sense.

I looked on their website and found the address to ship coats to:

ATTN: The New York Cares Coat Drive
157 West 31st Street, Basement 2
New York, NY 10001

It does mention while talking about sorting coats that toddler/infant coats are one of the sorting categories. I guess I know where I'm shipping some tiny coats now. Thanks for letting us know about this.