questionswhy are companies putting up deals that only last…


I'd say even though a deal's a deal, if you notice a company routinely doing this and it bugs you, the best way to respond is to not post deals from them and therefore not send them business at all.

Or if you notice it, tattle as soon as you see them switch the price.


Amazon changes prices all the time. I saw one post where the price doubled after someone purchased one.


@eviloverlord333: Yeah i know a lot of Amazon prices are set by algorithms that account for various factors. Its usually clothing or department stores in which i'll see a deal, often times made much cheaper by a coupon code, and then within an hour the deal is pulled. Im just irritated because I missed a couple of things i wanted because their price changed as I was shopping, while it was in my cart. That shouldn't be allowed.


@inkycatz: Would it be better to expire the deal? (If you posted the deal yourself?)


It's easier for them to make money that way even though it's kind of shady.