questionsare hard drive prices still inflated?


Yes, they are.

But really, are the prices all that bad? I bought a 1TB Samsung F3 a while back and paid about $60 for it. Right now, you can get a 2TB drive for about $105-130, which is $52.50-65/TB. Obviously the prices are still a little higher than we would like and most of the drives are green drives, but they might stay where they are for the moment.


Definitely. Things like being green and USB3.0 give excuses to jack up the price. Probably warranted to some extent, but any excuse to jack up the price on memory is taken.

Prime example is the new memory for the PS Vita. $100 for 32 gigs, simply because it's proprietary. I doubt it costs them more to produce those cards than it does to cost most any other flash storage, but again, any excuse...

It's all about the profit margins


I have been wondering this as well. I have been looking to upgrade my computer, hdd included, and was surprised to see prices on a drive that has similar storage capacity as the SATA drive I bought 7 years ago.


@thedogma: LOL "things like being green".... it's funny 'cause it's true.


still, but not as bad as it was in January.


Yeah, prices are getting better. I think the best deals I ever found were something like $60 for 1TB 7200 RPM drives or perhaps around $75 for 2TB 5400 RPM drives. I think we're approaching those levels again, but we're not there yet.

Now, that's just my own shopping experience. Perhaps there have been better deals than those. Shopping on the same sites though, I'd say that prices haven't recovered completely yet. I'd give it another 2-3 months.


According to this, the big manufacturers are expected to try to keep prices inflated even though production will be getting back to normal before long. We'll see how that goes when inventory starts to pile up and SSD's continue to slide below the $1/GB mark on a regular basis.