questionswhere's the best place to get an xbox 360 with…


Thanks DealSeeker. I've been all over Ebay but haven't heard of Game Stop. I'm on my way over there........


I agree with dealseekerdude. As much as I hate them, Gamestop is the best place for consoles. Usually have them in stock and extremely cheap. If you live in Indiana or Kentucky, you should also check out Disc Replay. Last time I went in, they had a special on Kinects for $10. You can piece together a bundle for under $130.


Thanks All! I ended up getting a 2013 model with 2 games on EBay for $150.00 delivered. Seller even offers a 90 day return. Its all good :)


gamestop is the worst place to buy a console, beware


if your ok with used then I would recommend They usually have a console sell off on Fridays and you can probably get a xbox set for a good price.


Thank you! I have never heard of them either.


This may not be the normal process about going buying a game system, but checking your local craigslist can save you a ton of money if you don't mind purchasing a used console. Often times the system is competitively priced with lots of accessories. You don't have to pay for shipping and most of the time you can haggle and get a better deal than the asking price.

vote-for1vote-against You'll get it used but for sure it'll be cheap. Seriously you'll get it for way cheap.