questionswhat is your experience with ordering meds online?


I've been using Medco for about a decade (my union switched to them to cut Welfare Fund costs). In that time, with I'd guess about 50 shipments of various drugs to me, I've had exactly two real problems:

- a shipment containing two drugs went missing. I had to pay for refills (I needed the drugs and the shipper insisted on more time before they would credit anyone), but I got the next refill (three months later) for free.

- a 90-day supply of a med was short six pills. A brief phone call and they sent the missing pills without any further contact. I'll note that this happened once, 6+ years ago and everything has been dead-on otherwise.

One last thing: when my older daughter turned 18, she got her own account with Medco. Ever since then, Medco has called her cell phone when they want to talk to me. After many attempts to get this fixed, on my last call to Medco, the woman actually found my daughter's number and removed it, so I'm hoping it is finally fixed, but we shall see.


I just re-read your post and realized you're asking about non-perscription drugs. My post above is about perscription drugs only. I know that Medco sells non-perscription stuff as well, but I've never purchased anything other than Rx from them.

I generally buy my non-perscription stuff (vitamins, aspirin, etc.) at BJ's (warehouse club), CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens (basically, who ever has it on sale). Some of these purchases (Walgreens, in particular) have been online.

I have also purchased from, but only when I had a coupon that got me an extra discount and/or free shipping.

I've not had any problems dealing with these places.


I've also used Medco successfully, but I see that's not what you're asking.

Vitamins and the likes, it's my understanding that one typically wants to go name brand. I'm a fan of the Nature Made brand; vitamins that I've tried by them have worked quite well.

I have ordered my last few vitamins over Amazon. I went with something that I knew and the price was decent. It's not significantly better than BJs, but if you're not a member of any of those clubs, it could be the way to go. It will be the exact same product, though. Certainly a better price than if you're buying through an average retail store


Would it be cheaper to get your doctor to get you a prescription for Prilosec, or the generic, non-OTC equivalent? Don't know if you've considered that.

I've bought OTC vitamins and omega-3 stuff of ebay before with no problems. Some listings will specify the expiration date is in the next 6 months - those are usually cheaper, and some will even take a Best Offer, especially if you're willing to buy in bulk. Don't forget to either filter by Free Shipping or contact the seller to get a shipping quote if you're buying multiple boxes before your click order and pay. They'll often combine shipping.

Finally, always try to buy from a Top Rated seller. There's really no guarantees if you do this, but if they've had 20 thousand happy customers before you, you'll probably have less problems.


This is a bit of a nosy question, but is the antacid for a reaction to your meds or is it from food?


I get omeprazole from Costco. It seems to be the most consistent low price. I've done some limited looking online and haven't found a better deal. Occasionally, Walgreens or Rite Aid will have it on sale for a little less if you want to deal with shopping the specials/coupons.

BTW, I've found omeprazole to be effective for me if I take one 20mg tab every other day. Easy way to cut your cost in half if it works for you.


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