questionswhat happened to my hp monitor deal?


Future sales aren't allowed. That's my educated guess.


@holymythos: That's pretty much what I thought, since I can't provide a direct link to the future price. However, I've seen deals for future sales several times.


Either they didn't get tattled on or there was another reason it got deleted.


i think future sales are allowed as long as you can pre-order the product right now (e.g. Amazon pre-orders). maybe they're not allowed if you can't order anything?

i'm just guessing here.


@carl669: Pended Black Friday deals have been allowed in the past.. of course it's been nearly a year since the last one...


Don't worry about your deal. We took it to a farm where it has plenty of room to run and lots of rabbits to chase. It's much happier there. You want it to be happy, don't you? Sure you do. Now come on, let's go get some ice cream.


@wingnutzero: that farm must have a lot of former woot deals and grown-up puppies by now. perhaps my sweet pup Rufus will look after this new deal as if it were his own..