questionsare you going to buy the new nintendo 3ds?


It all depends upon the games that you want to play.

I still like and enjoy my GBA games and they can only be played on the SP, DS, and DS Lite. So, unless I want to carry two devices, I will keep my DS Lite and if they decide to discontinue the DS Lite, I will be buying a couple of spares.

If you don't play the older games, the newer DS have some cool features. But before you purchase the 3DS, I would demo it just to make sure that you don't spend the extra money on a feature that will give you headaches or make you sick.


I was gonna ask this last night, but I was too exhausted from going to a midnight launch. It was a random Gamestop, and OH BOY is it an EXCITING story:

I dragged my sister and a friend to keep me company. I was also at the midnight release for Pokemon and since the line for that at the same location was huge, so I made sure to get there early this time. I arrived at the location at 9:20 and was happy that I was first but at the same time confused. The lines for Wii had been insane and even if this was a somewhat remote location, there would surely be people soon.

Slowly, people started arriving, and by people, I mean Gamestop employees. I kid you not, there were 8 employees for 3 registers. At around 10:15, they gave us some chairs since we had been there almost an hour and NOBODY ELSE had shown up. 10:30, someone who didn't reserve showed up, left, and came back at midnight. 11:00, they let us in the store where it was nice and warm. 11:20, FINALLY other people showed up.


I don't think my sister will ever come to a midnight launch again after that freezing cold 2 1/2 hour wait...

ANYWAY, that wasn't what you asked.
The 3DS-
Pros: Crisp 3d graphics, fantastic Augmented Reality, games not available for the regular DS, an eShop where you can buy old gameboy titles (coming soon)
Cons: Steep price ($250 plus tax), some say the 3D doesn't work for them, games are $40 and up, as @theoneill555 said, no GBA support

If you have the cash lying around, it's definitely worth it!


I just got back from Target and was playing with the 3DS. Yes, the 3D is pretty cool. Personally I don't like the fact that the picture darkens when you move your head. The game we viewed looked great even with the 3D off. My son LOVES it and reasoned that he wouldn't be moving if he was playing, so the darkening doesn't bother him.


After waiting 14 hours outside of a Best Buy for a Wii in 10 degree weather, I'll pass.

I was going to order one on Amazon but decided against it. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted one or not, so I decided that was enough of a reason not to get one. Maybe I'll get one with the remake of Ocarina of Time comes out <3


I bought it because I'm a nerd who has to have every new gadget on the market. That being said, the jury is out on whether it will be worth the steep $250 price or not.

mix mix

I would but I have one of those things called a life. You should get one. They are cool.


@davidrettig: you're right. people who play video games are all sad lonely people who live in their parents' basement. uh huh.


@davidrettig: I do have a life! When I'm done playing video games, I walk over to my laptop and browse deals.woot. Wait...


I picked up one of these at walmart on release time. I showed up 2 hours early because I really wanted one, and wasn't sure how bad the turnout was going to be or how few they would have. It turns out I was the only one that bought one at 12am! hah! Its really fun to play with, I've already spent 5 hours on it without even playing any games. The built in features are really pretty entertaining.

But in the end, there will be a better one and more features as time goes on. Early adopters will get shafted in the end, but for some reason I really wanted this system.


I'm a huge game player but believe it or not the thing that actually sold me on this thing was it includes a full (albeit fairly simple) 3D camera. Yes, IT INCLUDES A 3D CAMERA! You can now take pictures in 3D and I find that really cool. Experiment with it, the results can be amazing.


@theoneill555: Well, to put it in classic internet lingo: "You're doing it wrong!"

If 3d is enabled and you move out of center view angle, you're only seeing HALF of the picture, not the composite of two pictures which creates the 3d effect. Also, you're getting HALF the light, I.E. it's darker.

The 3DS isn't made for over the shoulder viewing, it's for the person using it. If the 3D is turned off, the viewing angle is substantially better and the "darkening" effect is practically gone.


@gut funk: I wouldn't be too sure about that this time around. Really the only functional items this thing needs, IMO, are the following:

Bigger screens. Well duh. I love the DSi XL. Make it the same resolution, but give me bigger screens.

But that's impossible without the battery life being way jacked up. 3-5 hours isn't good. Nyko already has a replacement batt that doubles it. On release day. Come on!


@fraxcat: I was thinking more about the camera feature. Considering right now they are a fresh out of the year 2000 .3 megapixel cameras, they will probably be one of the first things to be updated, along with better battery life. Though that might end up being either a system update or like you said, a different battery.

I was having too much fun with the augmented reality cards:


No, not yet. Knowing nintendo, they'll eventually release an improved version and by then there should actually be games I want to play released.


Nah, 3D is one of those gimmicks that does nothing for me.