questionsdid you know there's a forum moderator job posted…


Honestly, yes. But I doubt everyone read this.


I think the wife would kill me if I left the family behind to work for Woot!


"i assume there's open access to a freezer full of whiskey stones."

I've been looking nearly a year for that freezer. :(


@inkycatz: the whiskey stones exist. The whiskey, not so much. Maybe only the good stuff in jumbowoot's office. Johnnie Walker Blue label is what I'm thinking


I still want a deals.woot moderator job so that I may obliterate all duplicates.


To me, it sounds like an incredibly tough job.


@inkycatz: out of curiousity, has anyone ever brought the item(s) listed in the "Make sure you bring" section? mainly because i'm not sure i could get 7 lbs of Vermont cheddar in time for an interview.


One side note if you are sincerely looking at this job or know someone who wants this job, it would be of great advantage for you (or the applicant) to be in/near/moving/wanting to live in Seattle.

Just sayin'.


@carl669: Honestly, I have no idea. I forget what it was I should have brought (it was a year ago) with the job listing I replied to, but all I did was bring my awesome.

Since I guess it was pretty awesome (obviously? YAY STAFF SQUARE), I'm thinking folks might want to up their game. It can't hurt. Besides, we like cheese. I like cheese, anyway. I need more grilled cheese material. FEED THE TEAM.


I'd love to come work for Woot! Wonder if they offer relocation assistance, since I'm not in Dallas or Seattle.


@giggleloop: I have no idea. I was already living here (Seattle) when I applied. :)

(What I'm really saying is if you think you're up for the task, apply, ask, see what happens?)


I wouldn't be able to maintain "consistent SEO tagging." I love all the tags.


And is THIS a sign of things to come?



You know what grinds my gears? When employers post job openings but don't list expected compensation. I know it is unprofessional to ask about compensation right away but I feel like this is an antiquated thought. It would be like an applicant saying "Well I have years of experience in the industry, but I'll be more specific after you decide to hire me." Just my 2 cents/pointless rant/incoherent rambling.


I'd move out there. Yayz. Just wish it said how much the wage is.


@inkycatz: Out of curiosity, why do you say it would be of benefit to live in Seattle? Unless I'm completely misreading the posting, this seems like a job that would pretty easily fall into the "work from home" category. Is office time a part of the job?


@thedogma: I'm typing this reply from my cube in the office, if that's an indication. Office time is very much a part of the job and expected (although often flexible because @gatzby is cool like that).

ps. For those thinking of "yeah I'd move to Seattle", be sure of that sort of thing - speaking from personal experience, I moved for a job once before and while I don't regret it because of the job itself, I do know it was to somewhere I wouldn't have moved otherwise and as such, was a lot unhappier than I should have been for a very long time.


i'd also suggest you take a long hard look at the weather in seattle before deciding to move. i moved, but lousy weather doesn't bug me that much.


Yes I did I check the woot jobs semi regularly. They have some uber high experience requirements for most jobs, though :( Can't say I blame them!)

Also, I agree, with @carl669, I moved to Seattle last year for a job and it is fine most of the time, but it does rain here for 10+ days straight sometimes, but to be honest the rain isn't as bad as the clouds. It's almost always cloudy, even on days it doesn't rain at all. Can't wait for summmmmaaaa! On the plus, we got about 3 inches of snow and I got 2 days off from work for it :)


Yes. I sent in my resumè a long time ago. Heard nothing. Have sads.

@inkycatz: That may explain why I haven't heard anything. I guess they aren't looking for a NYer... Boo.


@inkycatz: No whiskey stones, but the beer cooler is in my office... Perks!


@josefresno: Oh so that's where it is! (I really need to get out of my cube more.)


jumbowoot himself emailed me and told me to not even bother applying. something about pre-disqualification, whatever that means. pffff


i wonder how many of the current mods were wooters before joining woot.

i'd apply, but what if i got the job and had to create a new username! what would happen to my recently obtained (as in yesterday) black square?


I've had a forum moderator job back in my high school days. Didn't get paid because I volunteered for it, and there was like at least 300 active members a day to the thousands registered. It was an online gaming forum so yeah, could imagine all the people now.

At first it was like a pretty neat job having "God-like" powers over the internet. But to me, it's a lot of proof reading every new post for anything that violates the rules.. so here I am obsessively reading in my chair until my eyes started burning.

With Woot on the other hand, I'm pretty sure most of us are mature enough to not post anything NSFW (best I've seen are pictures of cats).. unless of course they have some kind of bot that filters those well, which I guess my old forum didn't.

I wonder if Woot staff gets any incentives for working with Woot though?


@carl669: As far as I know, so far all of us. :) (I was barely active in the community, but I liked buying stuff!)

Quite certain there's some jiggery that can be performed with that sort of thing, but I've had fun building up my staff account "fresh". Of course for the first few weeks I had everyone telling me to buy something, which ended up being some cheese over at wine.woot...

Oh, wow. It really all comes back to cheese, doesn't it.

@joshobra: My perk is the cat gets fed, and I get that special peace of mind that comes with having a job. I'm not too complicated, I guess.


I was gonna say that if you are looking for the cheese at Woot, you need to be talking to WineDavid. I think, in addition to being Lord And Master of the King's Cellars he is also CheeseMaster. And sometimes (like today) also Chief Confectionary. (mmmmm, toffee!! Too bad I'm still trying to lose the fat from the salted caramel pecan clusters he hooked me up with.)


@wilfbrim: Oh, the preview that ToffeeKing gave makes me so hungry whenever I read past it, especially this part:
The second is a peanut butter toffee coated popcorn with dark chocolate and a touch of sea salt...amazing stuff.

I'm going to have to brave the weather and start hiking again so I can be in shape when this stuff comes around...


@inkycatz: Yeah, I remember that cheese. It was awesome.


I've seen the posting and keep thinking on and off how fun it would be to work for woot. On the other hand, there are likely to be a ton of things that we just plain ol' never have to see thanks to the mods.

@joshobra: Trust me, I may not have been here as long as some people, but things are relatively calm right now compared to how they were just a few years ago. Use to be that you couldn't browse a woot off comment thread without seeing tons of lol cats, goofy and gross gifs, the "skittles girl," and the infamously long long long long long cat.

I remember people complaining (bragging?) how they would get probated for posting the long long long long long cat.