questionsdoes anyone have experience with porter cableā€¦


get new. i love mine. i have the four piece set from lowes. drill, flashlight, reciprocating saw and circle saw. also have the two piece set of hammer drill and regular drill. all lithium batteries. splurge get the set with the extra battery if you do. you will be amazed how often you just grab the tools without thinking is the battery fully charged or did i forget it after i got done last time. i have done most of a house remodel with my sets. it's also really nice to be able to change out blade/bit quick and keep going. (also keep extra bits and blades around-they go dull quicker than you might think). what kind of project are you attempting?

also they come with nice carry bags, that if you are like me make for nice luggage to travel with. my husband thinks i'm all that because i wanted porter cable travel bags.


What type of projects are you planning on doing? Are cordless tools really required?
Personally, I prefer corded tools. For most of the projects that I'm doing, I'm either inside my house or in my garage. Both of those areas have ample electrical outlets. And I prefer the greater power, lighter weight and less likelyhood that I'm going to be half done with a project and run out of power in the battery. Corded tools are also cheaper. For me at least, the convenience benefits of cordless tools do not outweigh the extra cost and other downsides.


A cordless drill/driver is the only tool I have that doesn't plug in. And last week, I needed it but the batteries weren't charged. (I don't charge them if I'm not expecting to use them soon)

So, I grabbed by old plug-in drill with a keyed chuck. The difference in weight is impressive, as is the extra torque.

That said, Porter Cable is known to be a good brand.


I bought my cordless porter cable drill used about 10 years ago and it still works great, other than needing to replace the battery one of these days.

I also have a PC corded router that kicks all kinds of butt.