questionswhat is up with the captcha device when i sign in…


I saw that too. Aside from the annoyance, the IT guy in my head said "rolling out a feature change in the middle of the day?"


Odd, I was able to log out and in several times without it asking me to authenticate. I wonder if it has something to do with the spam increase that we have seen here recently, and an attempt to rid the auto posts.


I just logged off and logged in again to check this out and did not get a Captcha challenge. So if Woot has adopted it, they aren't using it all the time. Personally, I hate, hate, hate, hate Captcha. I have been known to reject returning to a site that uses it. My love of Woot is such that I would probably not abandon it, but Captcha would definitely damage the relationship.


@morriea: Frankly, I would not like the Magic Ring much more than Captcha. I would now have to carry around another item around and what happens when it is lost or damaged? When it's lost or stolen, what is involved in replacing it? For truly highly sensitive computers, the USB ports should be disabled. Snowden should never have been able to use a USB port to steal NSA data.


Interesting. I suspect that older accounts (say, those that have been around prior to 1012 or so) won't see this, especially if they're active. I'd be interested to see anyone who has an account that was created before 2012, and has purchases, and other activity (not necessarily Deals activity, either) that suggests a human behind the account.

That said, I admit to bot-like behavior before coffee.


I logged out and then in with no challenge besides my password. No Captcha for me, which is a good thing for me as I ALWAYS get it wrong the first time.


@shrdlu: There were bot posts during 2010 and after...and clearly someone using several logins to attempt to fool everyone (of course, none of us fell for it). Easy to see when they load 40 deals in about that many minutes. I was doing something here yesterday and got a Captcha but can't remember what it was - maybe posting a deal but not certain.


I only used my password - I'm a real boy! (you have to read that and hear Pinocchio's voice from Shrek)


I haven't seen a captcha here. Think we might get one of TPTB to drop by and give us a heads up?


I know there was some old juju in place that was related to javascript being enabled, but not sure if that's still the case. I'll ask around tomorrow.

Edit: Or we can rely on our wonderful devs to pop in and answer directly! Danke, sir.


Yes, captcha has been added to sign in, but as you may have noticed by now it doesn't happen all the time. We are dialing it in to find that special balance and I think where it is now is pretty good. At this point, the vast majority of people most of the time will never see it.


@csunwold: Thank you for the explanation. I've never seen a captcha on my account here and hope I never will, but if I do [shrug] I'll probably survive.


I saw it earlier today. Very annoying, especially when those letters are some cryptic and mashed that I sometimes wonder if I am a computer because I can't read it myself.


I must be one of the vast majority most of the time people, haven't seen it although I had to log in today.


Captcha is antiquated. Old, useless technology. I can't think of the service off the top of my head, but it is far easier than captcha. It shows 4 images and says "Click the dog" or "click the orange" etc. I have to imagine that is much harder to automate than words with our pretty good OCR techs and it would also not piss people off so bad.


@shrdlu: I've had my account for a long time now, but I didn't originally sign in during Arthurian times. No Captcha here so far. But when I posted long ago griping about Captcha, someone informed me that the second Captcha word is often a word from an old document that needs to be translated. They are using Captcha to crowd-source the translation of old documents. So while I may not have signed up for Woot before 1012, I may be translating documents for that period via Captcha. Kinda cool, even if it is still annoying.


@moondrake: Last night I had a reCaptcha somewhere that showed me the house number from a photo of a house. So Google must be crowdsourcing their Maps street view to get more accurate street addresses too. Google owns reCaptcha.


@magic cave: new woot shirt design: I survived the capcha and all I got was this lousy shirt.


@rockytrh: I've run into those on a few sites, and I really like them. Another I've seen asks for the answer to a simple arithmetic problem.

On the captcha stuff, though, I sometimes have to make it give me a new choice three or four times before I get one I can actually read.