questionswas this an error?


Fools! They could have made more $ selling them as bocs...


I'm pretty sure that was an error. :) It'll be interesting to see how woot handles it. In my state, there's a law about what kinds of errors in pricing that a store must honor; I don't know if woot would be subject to Texas or Washington law - or what the laws are in those states about pricing errors - but I suspect woot isn't obliged to "make good" on $0 for an $85 printer. However, they have a tendency to surprise us by being honorable in weird ways, so I wouldn't be shocked if they honor the price.

If they do, we should all write into The Consumerist, eh, and praise woot!


Hmmmm. I'm betting someone is going to get a talking to. Yes, an error. Most likely.


I guess the Woot servers aren't using the HAL 9000 yet, otherwise errors like this wouldn't occur.

Offer invalid in Jovian / Saturnian systems


Note the "What is Woot Thinking" alongside the Scavenger Hunt Sale:

"This sale seems like an odd mix of items to be grouped together....allright, let's play a game: Everyone guess which item will sell out first!".

Kind of makes me wonder...


@neuropsychosocial: In your state, there's a law that says they must honor pricing errors? What state do you live in and can you quote me the statute that covers that? I ask because I used to be a senior manager at a retail store and that was never the policy.

Under the circumstances, Woot may be able to claim equitable relief from the deal on the basis that any reasonable consumer would have known (or should have known) that the price reflected an error, or that completion of the sale would result in an unreasonable economic harm to the business.

You would have to take your chances in court and, being the plaintiff, you would have the burden of proof to show that you had no idea this was a pricing error. You'd be hard pressed to prove it since the price was $0.00.

Most stores have disclaimers on their websites and inside their advertisements that state they are not responsible for pricing errors. That covers them in these cases.


Seems a little fishy to me

Price: $0

Speed to First Woot: 1m 52.229s

Almost 2 mins before people starting taking free printers??


Wonder what replacement Ink is priced like ? Many companies give away blood sugar monitors - then charge $90 for 50 test strips... Printer ink can easily end up costing more than the printer from just a few refills. Anyway it's of course now 'Sold Out' (wonder what shipping was ?).


@thomaswbowman: Except on t-shirts, shipping has been $5 on every product. If you bought something else that same day, shipping on additional items could be free.


Even at $0.00 for a Kodak printer, I would not get it.
We have Kodak printers at work, and they are trash. They cannot scan, they suck up ink, and they jam all the time. This is not something that happened over time. This happened out of the box.


@cengland0: I think you may have misread my post. I said: "In my state, there's a law about what kinds of errors in pricing that a store must honor... I suspect woot isn't obliged to "make good" on $0 for an $85 printer [emphasis added].

I don't post identifying information on the internet, so I won't post the details of my state's policy. The FTC says "In many jurisdictions, companies are legally required to charge no more than the advertised or shelf price for a product... For tips on accurate pricing practices in advertising and in retail stores, ask the FTC for Good Pricing Practices? SCAN DO." SCAN DO says "... it is against the law to charge more than the advertised shelf price." Here's a newspaper article with details about Wisconsin's policy. In some states, it's a percentage: say, items under $x must have the incorrect price honored; above that, there's a x% discount.


I see it as $80. Never saw the $0.

j5 j5

So what ended up happening? Anything yet? Inquiring minds and all :)